Who is it? Nick Moran, General Manager at Littlesea.

What did he do? Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

How much did he raise? £1000

Why did he do it? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Also, I booked it when I’d turned 40 so maybe it was a mid-life thing?


How did he train? I started training in November 2012 when I was at Devon Cliffs (just after I joined Bourne Leisure) and continued with some hill walks around the Purbecks and South West Coastal Path once I joined the team at Littlesea.

Which walk did he do? I joined the Lemosho Route it’s a 7-day trek, 5 up and 2 down.  My fellow trekkers were from all walks of life, all ages and from all over the world. There were 27 of us (inc a Leader and Medic) and over 100 ‘rafikis’ (meaning ‘friend’ – they were the porters/cooks/guides etc).

What was the best part? On a personal note there were three aspects that kept me going on the way up; I had a photo of my daughter, Isabella (who’s 9) in my pocket and kept getting it out when I was feeling a bit low – just looking at her gave me a boost, I had a secret stash of liquorice allsorts which gave me a sugar boost, and I knew I was raising money for a great charity and that I had so many supporters back home.

What was the hardest part? One was coming down as we had to do a kind of fast walking come sliding-skiing style. Also, keeping a slow and steady pace so as not to get altitude sickness is tough going and takes some concentration. It was difficult to motivate ourselves, especially when one lady broke her leg on the third afternoon and needed air lifting back to a hospital in Nairobi. The Medic was the last of our group to the summit and then suffered with a major case of altitude sickness – which was somewhat ironic! I was the first of our group to reach the top unaided (another chap was in front of me but he was being carried by 2 Rafikis).

Would he do it again? I’m not sure I would do Kili again – is anything the same 2nd time around?! Maybe Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu/Inca Trail in Peru or Mount Elbrus in Russia which is the highest peak in Europe.  None of the 3 mentioned are quite as high as Kili.

We want to say a massive well done to Nick for completing the climb and a huge thank you for everyone who supported our cause! Haven are proud to support BBC Children in Need!