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Madeleine Woodstock

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I've grown up with Haven and seaside holidays as my mum has worked for the company for over 20 years. I made my debut as the British Holidays brochure cover girl in 1999 (!) and now I work as Haven's Social Media Manager.

Blackpool in the top 10 places to visit!


The Mirror recently released the best -rated UK destinations and 8 out of the 10 places were very much North of the Watford Gap!

Five different Easter traditions to try out with your kids.


We bet you’re all too familiar with Easter eggs and hot cross buns at the moment (who knew they worked so well for breakfast, lunch AND dinner?). If you think the oval-shaped chocolate thing is a bit overdone, we’ve picked out five lesser-known Easter traditions you can share with your little ones this year. Each idea is kid-friendly, and allows them to get involved every step of the way.

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The story of Hopton Beach


The golden beach at Hopton Holiday Village in Norfolk was one of our most loved stretches of sand, filled with happy holidaymakers, owners and local residents all year round. Until suddenly a few years ago we saw the sand start to vanish. Here’s a little blog written by Lee Derbyshire, the Owner Experience Manager at Hopton who has been very close to the project from start to finish.

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Signs of Spring around the UK


Spring will finally have sprung on the 20th March and fingers crossed the sun will be shining (even if we will lose a bit of sunshine due to the solar eclipse — find out how to make a solar eclipse viewer on our blog!) No matter where you are in the UK there will certainly be some signs that Spring is heading our way…

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Things to do in Somerset by Jack aged 15


Our wonderful Haven friend Jack is back again and he can’t wait to tell you why Somerset is one of his favourite places…

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Challenge Haven – How to make pancakes!


It’s time for another Challenge Haven and we’re going ‘flippin’  crazy over Pancake day!

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