We know that being a parent is difficult and we want to help your holiday run as smoothly as it can. Mummy blogger Ruth Davies has decided to help you out with some hints and tips about how to pack, what to pack and we hope it’ll take a worry off your mind! “Travelling light and travelling with children are not concepts which marry particularly well. I remember just after having Florence, I noticed that a quick weekend away to my parents became a major expedition involving me loading up my buggy like a pack horse and not letting go of the handles for fear it would fall backwards with the weight. The thing is, babies and children need lots of stuff in general. There’s so much you simply have to pack: sun cream, nappies, a BIG changing bag… the list is endless. Just because you’re away, it doesn’t mean you don’t need all the same stuff you use at home but then you also need extra holiday bits as well! So, it’s nice to cut a few corners if you can and after a few years of travel with babes, I have my own little list of holiday essentials! Packing essentials: I wouldn’t be away in the sun without the kid’s hats! Not just any hats but waterproof ones which have neck flaps to protect their entire head area and SPF50+ built into the fabric. The sun is very […]

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