Madeleine Woodstock

Meet the Characters : Rory


At Haven we have a whole team of FunStars to keep you and your family entertained. In fact, we recently wrote a blog post about how much fun they are .
But it’s not just our hundreds of FunStars who make holidays here special.
Our parks are also home to the Seaside Squad – six fun-loving characters who are the life and soul of parks.
Each month we’ll be putting the spotlight on a different character – telling you who they are, what they’re like and most importantly, how you can meet them!
This month we’re kicking things off with Rory the Tiger!
Who’s Rory?
Rory is the big, friendly tiger on park. He’s a natural leader and loves getting children involved in his games and activities. He’d also describe himself as a bit of a surf dude so catch him at Perran Sands for some top boogie boarding tips.
Above all Rory loves having fun and he’s always playing pranks on his friends… he’s a real cheeky chappy. It’s all in good fun though and a day with him wouldn’t be the same without his joking around!
So if Rory sounds like the kind of tiger your kids would like to hang on with, let’s check out where you can meet him.

Character breakfasts
One way to make your kids’ holiday extra special is to wake up to a character breakfast.
Each morning while the kids are enjoying their cereal and the adults are drinking their morning coffee, Rory […]

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Tots Tuesday!


It’s another exciting year for us at Haven for Entertainment and things to do on your holiday especially for our tiniest guests.Our in house creative team have been very busy over the last year putting together some exciting concepts for them to see and do whilst with us at the seaside. Brand new and exclusive to Haven are our new toy box full of character pre school activities for our youngest guests to get involved with.

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Anna Duggal

Which Haven character are you?


Take our test to see which Haven character best fits your personality! Just make a note of which option is most like you in each scenario!  1. What activity are you most likely to enjoy when staying at Haven? A WildLife Detectives B. Sports activities like mini archery and fencing! C Breakfast with the characters D All the special extras like adventure golf, bungee trampolining and climbing walls E Pool activities! Like pool kayaking, aqua gliders, turbo jets and the water walkers F Night time entertainment — especially Funstars go live   2. When you meet new people you are most likely to… A Ask their name and how they are B Suggest you all go and join in with the on park activities C Feel a bit shy at first D Make a joke E Talk like you are already friends F Play a practical joke on them!

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Anna Duggal

Jack’s view on Haven!


I’m Jack Ashford and I have been going to Devon Cliffs for six years and I feel that I couldn’t go anywhere else ever again!

A Haven Holiday is great to me because you’re close to the beach all the time!

Not forgetting the Seaside Squad, a Haven Holiday just wouldn’t be the same without them!

I’m looking forward to the school Easter holiday next year as my family and me are going to Seashore Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth!

I love the evening entertainment at Haven because there’s Funstars Go Live and the Seaside Squad!

I love having a privilege Plus card as i can get 15% off of everything which means I can buy more Seaside Squad Stuff.

My favourite member of staff at Devon Cliffs is Lee, the security guard. Every time i get to the entrance of Devon Cliffs he always gives me a high 5 or waves and if it’s raining he is always so happy!

I always feel really sad when we have to leave and especially when it’s the end of season!

Can’t wait until June!


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Anna Duggal

A letter to Haven…


Hi there,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to write to you about our experience with Haven over the last few years.

Having being a regular visitor to Mosney (Former Butlins in Ireland, but has since closed down) we were looking to explore some of the holiday parks in the UK and were recommended Haven, and we have never looked back.

We have been to three of your parks over the last few years – 2010 Presthaven Sands, 2011 Pwhelli, 2012 Greenacres and this year we are going back to Presthaven Sands for our fourth year.

We have a four year old daughter who, believe it or not, has not stopped talking about the fun she has on  holidays with the Funstars and everyone in Wales. The parks are second to none from the minute you arrive until the moment you leave! They are spotlessly clean and well manned in every way. There is so much on offer for children and adults alike and never a dull moment to be had. We spend the days trying to figure out when we will fit in eating as there is so much to do! The facilities are top notch and you do not need to leave the site as everything you need is on offer.

We love arriving around lunch time from our trip on the big boat (Katie’s words) from Ireland, and taking the scenic road to any Haven park which is going to […]

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