Anna Duggal

Daybreak Live at Primrose Valley!


The Daybreak team came to Primrose Valley with Laura Hamilton (also presenter of Fort Boyard and A Place In The Sun) on July 26th – and what a morning! It was the end of a long week for the ITV crew who had spent the week discovering what is great about holidaying in Britain and they chose Haven to be the grand finale.

They arrived the day before to check out the hot spots on park where they could film and made all the practical plans (like which way the camera would be angled based on where the sun rose) and we decided on the fun and games we would do with our holidaymakers and owners … oh and not forgetting what time to arrange the bacon butties for the crew!

It was an early start getting up at 5am, literally as the day broke, and what a gorgeous day it was too. Our hardworking FunStars had been on stage until 1am but even with only a few hours sleep, they were as bright as ever – encouraging everyone to join in with the activities. The park team set to work setting up the stage for Same Difference Pop Academy and the gunge tanks. By half six around 100 holidaymakers and owners had arrived and willing volunteers were found to be gunged. By 7am there was a run through with all the camera angles and various different activities and by 7.40 […]

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Madeleine Woodstock

Allhallows: officially a work of art!


Earlier this year we received an usual request. An artist who had been commissioned to make a film about the Thames estuary had stumbled across Allhallows and wanted to come and film part of his piece on the park. Filming requests are not so unusual but they are normally for hidden camera shows or documentaries…never before had we had a request for a Haven park to be included in a work of art!

 As an Art History graduate, when the opportunity came up to oversee the filming I jumped at the chance. Nikolaj Larsen is a Danish artist living between Paris and London who for the last few months has been travelling up and down the Thames estuary, capturing every aspect of it from industry to leisure. We had a brilliant couple of days with Nikolaj and his co-artist Yonas at Allhallows trying to catch glimpses of sunshine between the clouds. We met with a couple of our lovely owners who bought their first holiday home at Allhallows back in 1988 as an escape from the city. They filmed with Marty, Allhallows’ resident radio DJ, from the top of the fort with amazing views of the river, and around the park capturing the atmosphere and community spirit. From the footage across the two days, 7 minutes will be edited together and displayed alongside the other areas they have filmed.

So there we have it, Allhallows is officially a work of art! […]

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