Liam Andrews

5 great alternative ideas for conkers


Are you absolutely bonkers about conkers? Of course you are, but they don’t just have to be used for conker wars, we’ve found a number of great alternative ideas!

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Anna Duggal

A fun way to make noise!!


Anyone visiting Devon Cliffs this year?

Why not check out their new scrap musical instruments! Brian O’Brien, the park’s eco-expert tells us all about their new activity.

“The idea came from Hannah, a team member at Starbucks, who had been in a scrap music band. She came up with a lot of suggestions and examples of the types of stuff they used.

I had been developing an area of woodland for families to explore but wanted some interactive things for them to do and this seemed perfect.

After further research I came up with the Xylophone. I found some old metal caravan supports and got my wife, who is very musical, to help me tune them by cutting them to different lengths. The sound is lovely and quite bell-like!

The grounds boys Mark and Tal made the frame and 2 days later they came back with old drainage pipes made into a thwacker, which is played using a flip flop!

Since then loads more team have approached me and before long we should have a Glockenspiel and some metal drums in there too.

The response has been great from all age groups. I had a granddad in there with his grandchildren the other day hopping around on one leg because they had nicked one of his flip flops!

The children love them as you don’t have to be musical to get a good sound out of them!”

It’s great to hear that Devon Cliffs now have even more interactive stuff for families […]

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Anna Duggal

Anna’s big day out at Allhallows!


It’s hard for us to gush about all of the great things we have to do on and around our parks if we haven’t experienced them first hand. So I went out to Allhallows Holiday Park in Kent for a weekend and these are the unexpected things I found to do! Allhallows sits on a lovely stretch of the Thames, with a large 9 hole golf course at one end of the park and a serene fishing lake at the other. You can discover the area between these two on cycle go karts which look much more effortless than they actually are! I would recommend getting a family size one (with two cycle seats) as at certain points, I had to jump out and push the kart up the hill… Why not give mum an afternoon of pampering in the on-site hair salon. The converted caravan has all of the fancy equipment, reasonable prices and a very jolly award-winning hairdresser! If you fancy relaxing, why not drop by Marty’s radio studio near reception where he broadcasts Allhallows-on-air live from 11am until 2pm every day. Marty loves special guests on his show and takes requests — you can even record a jingle with him!

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Anna Duggal

Jack’s view on Haven!


I’m Jack Ashford and I have been going to Devon Cliffs for six years and I feel that I couldn’t go anywhere else ever again!

A Haven Holiday is great to me because you’re close to the beach all the time!

Not forgetting the Seaside Squad, a Haven Holiday just wouldn’t be the same without them!

I’m looking forward to the school Easter holiday next year as my family and me are going to Seashore Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth!

I love the evening entertainment at Haven because there’s Funstars Go Live and the Seaside Squad!

I love having a privilege Plus card as i can get 15% off of everything which means I can buy more Seaside Squad Stuff.

My favourite member of staff at Devon Cliffs is Lee, the security guard. Every time i get to the entrance of Devon Cliffs he always gives me a high 5 or waves and if it’s raining he is always so happy!

I always feel really sad when we have to leave and especially when it’s the end of season!

Can’t wait until June!


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