Who is it? Nick Moran, General Manager at Littlesea.

What did he do? Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

How much did he raise? £1000

Why did he do it? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Also, I booked it when I’d turned 40 so maybe it was a mid-life thing?

How did he train? I started training in November 2012 when I was at Devon Cliffs (just after I joined Bourne Leisure) and continued with some hill walks around the Purbecks and South West Coastal Path once I joined the team at Littlesea.

Which walk did he do? I joined the Lemosho Route it’s a 7-day trek, 5 up and 2 down.  My fellow trekkers were from all walks of life, all ages and from all over the world. There were 27 of us (inc a Leader and Medic) and over 100 ‘rafikis’ (meaning ‘friend’ – they were the porters/cooks/guides etc).

What was the best part? On a personal note there were three aspects that kept me going on the way up; I had a photo of my daughter, Isabella (who’s 9) in my pocket and kept getting it out when I was feeling a bit low – just looking at her gave me a boost, I had a secret stash of liquorice allsorts which gave me a sugar boost, and I knew I was raising money for a great charity and that I had so many supporters back home.

What was the hardest part? One was coming […]

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