Anna Duggal

The Hughes story…why they decided to buy a caravan


We love to hear the stories of our long-standing owners so today we’d like you to meet Mavis and John Hughes!

The Hughes have been caravan owners since 1970 at Haven’s Primrose Valley Holiday Park in Filey, Yorkshire. After a visit to the Blue Dolphin Holiday Park (then named Dennis’ Camp) with John’s uncle and aunty in 1969, they went over to see Primrose Valley and decided to buy a caravan there. Back in 1969, there were only enough pitches for the caravans there so the Hughes couldn’t buy one until the end of the season when a spare site could be made!

I asked Mavis what’s changed in the time they’ve been owners at the park and she told me, “now we have electricity! And water in the caravan; it used to be an outside tap but we were lucky – our van was right next to the tap! There were also no inside toilets. It was, essentially, camping!”

Celebrating 44 years of being owners on the park this year, Mavis told me how they used to and still do enjoy the park.

“We didn’t go in the clubhouse when we first had the caravan as the kids were too small. We’d stay on the playground or go on days out. As the kids grew up, we have lovely memories of making friends in the clubhouse – we’d go in big groups at the weekend, as many as 20 of us – and […]

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Madeleine Woodstock

Imagine – 73 years at Church Farm!


Last month one of our holiday home owners celebrated a very special birthday. Nina Andrews is an owner at Church Farm who not only turned 91 in July, but has also been an owner at Church Farm since 1940 – that makes 2013 her 73rd year on park! The team at Church Farm never need a reason to celebrate, but this was an occasion they couldn’t resist going the extra mile. Nina, or Nana Moon as she is often known, is a well loved member of the Church Farm community and when it was posted on Facebook that she was celebrating her 91st birthday she was inundated with birthday messages. The team printed them all off for her to read through and she now carries them around with her in her handbag! They went to surprise her at her holiday home with a birthday card, a bottle of Bailey’s (which we hear is her favourite) and an Anxious balloon, and she was absolutely thrilled. We wanted to get to know Nana a little better and gave a member of the team at Church Farm the task of interviewing her for us. Julie works at Church Farm as a Park Trainer, as well as other odd jobs like helping with owner events and last week she was helping a black swan that’s being picked on in the lagoon! Her job involves lots of talking to people, which she is very good […]

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