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    10 snapshots from our 2014 Holiday Home Owner Events

    Throughout 2014 there were a whole array of brilliant events put on across all the parks just for our holiday home owners. Let’s have a look at 10 snapshots that show off the events that were on offer!

    1. To start off the season the majority of parks have a welcome back party, over at Quay West, they definitely dressed to impress!

    Quay west welcome back party


    2. After the welcome back party the season gets into full swing. A meeting with some birds of prey over at  Marton Mere in Blackpool was a brilliant treat!

    Marton Mere birds of prey

    3. There are also numerous charity events that take place across the parks. Here is a BBC Children in Need event that took place at Caister-On-Sea.

    5. The owners at The Orchards got a treat that blew them away, a flight around the local area in a helicopter!

    orchards helicopter


    6. Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? Well down in Weymouth Bay they were able to go out for a spin on hover crafts!

    hover craft weymouth bay

    7. What better way to celebrate summer than with a summer pool party! Well, over at Hopton in Norfolk, they did just that.

    Hopton summer pool party 2

    8. Down at Littlesea in Dorset, the owners were treated to a F1 simulator that made them feel exactly like Lewis Hamilton.

    littlesea f1 simulator

    9. Over at Wild Duck in Norfolk the owners took to the race track with these Powerturn Buggies.

    Wild Duck power turn buggies

    9. Why not come and try out the Wine Club? It’s promised to be a corker! Here’s a photo from Craig Tara in Scotland.

    Wine club craig tara

    10. Sadly 2014 had to come an end but not before this wonderful New Years Eve and Christmas Dinner party at Doniford Bay!

    doniford nye + xmas party

    Have you been to any of these owners events? Are there any that you wish you could have been at? Are there any owners events you would like to see where your holiday home is? Let us know by posting a comment below!