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    11 Apps you Need to Download for your Next Camping Trip

    Camping is a fantastic way for the whole family to get back to nature. But do you know what could make the camping experience even more stress-free and fun? Wait for it… your mobile phone!

    11 Apps To Download For Your Next Camping trip

    Leaving your phone at home is easier said than done, so why not embrace your tech?
    From star-gazing to wildlife spotting, there’s an app for everything. Here are our pick of the best to download for your next camping trip.

    My Tide Times

    1. My Tide Times

    Thinking of heading to the beach during your big camping trip? The most important thing to remember is to check the tide. Simply load up My Tide Times for iOS or Android, and check when the tide will be at its lowest (time for rock-pooling and picknicking!) and highest (time to head back to base).

    Camping List

    2. Camping List

    If packing is your least favourite part of camping, you’ll love Camping List for iOS. Full of pre-loaded lists for what to pack for your trip, all you need to do is tap an item to tick it off. However, with items organised into categories and the ability to edit the things that feature, Camping List can be as personalised as you’d like.

    BBC Weather

    3. BBC Weather

    BBC Weather is an old faithful in the app department. Whether you’re preparing for your trip or it’s in full-swing, simply open the app, search for a location and see what the forecast holds. It’s a great way to plan what you’ll be doing each day, and is available on both iOS and Android.

    The Wildlife Trusts: Nature Finder

    4. The Wildlife Trusts: Nature Finder

    With more than 2,000 nature reserves in their care, you’re bound to find one of the Wildlife Trust’s beauty spots near your tent. Use the charity’s iOS or Android ‘Nature Finder’ to track down your nearest reserve, favourite your most-loved locations and discover more about different species.

    Sky Guide

    5. Sky Guide

    One of the best things about camping somewhere secluded is that, when night falls, you can see the stars in all their glory. But which ones can you see? Sky Guide for iOS acts as your pocket guide to the night sky. Simply hold your phone up to the patch of sky you’re surveying, and watch as the names of constellations, planets and satellites – whatever you’re looking at – appear on-screen.

    What Knot To Do

    6. What Knot To Do

    Whether you’re sailing, fishing or, indeed, camping, there isn’t only an app for that, but a knot! What Knot To Do is a great iOS app to have on your phone if you’re struggling to tie-off any camp-related knots. There are more than 70 knots spread across six different categories, a glossary of terms and detailed instructions, so there’s no danger of being left hanging.

    Unleash your inner Bear Grylls with these top camping apps!
    Survival Guide

    7. Survival Guide

    While it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself trapped in the wilderness, it pays to be prepared on a camping trip. Survival Guide might cover worst-case scenarios, but it’s also full of really useful tips for iOS and Android users. If you fancy foraging, head to the ‘Food procurement’ and ‘Poisonous plants’ sections, and if you’re struggling to start a fire, check out ‘Firecraft’.

    Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

    8. Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

    Want to take stunning pictures of your camp in optimal lighting, or pitch your tent in the best of the sunlight? There’s an app for that! Sun Seeker is an iOS and Android app designed to illustrate the sun’s path across your location. From sunrise and sunset times to the start of ‘magic hour’, Sun Seeker can help you plan your day around our biggest star.

    Chirp! Bird Songs & Calls of Britain and Europe

    9. Chirp! Bird Songs & Calls of Britain and Europe

    What’s that tweeting above your tent? Simply load up Chirp! to find out! Scroll through calls according to their tune (is it a coo or a hoot?) or species (you’re more likely to hear common calls), to identify your mystery song. You can also organise calls by habitat to pinpoint songs even more quickly.


    10. Spyglass

    Spyglass is a virtual compass that can help you navigate the landscape like never before. Save the location of your campsite in case your get lost, track the location of a hidden beauty spot and send GPS co-ordinates to your loved ones. Available on iOS, Spyglass will make you feel like a real explorer.

    First Aid by British Red Cross

    11. First Aid by British Red Cross

    The British Red Cross’s First Aid app might not be specially designed for camping, but you never know when you might need some advice after a little accident. From allergies to sprained ankles, the app has step-by-step instructions to help iOS and Android users carry out first aid properly and safely.

    11 Apps To Download For Your Next Camping trip
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