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    11 top Christmas party season looks

    Christmas is known as the part season but with all them parties it’s hard to think of original hair do’s!
    With this in mind we asked Jess, who is a lecturer at London College of Beauty, to pull together some of the best day time and night beauty looks, as well as the hairstyles that will suit your hair length! Plus find out how the FunStars get stage ready..
    We’re also opening another advent door tonight – scroll to the bottom to find out what the prize is today!

    Short hair

    julienne Hough - source

    (Julianne Hough source

    This simple twist style it perfect for nearly every length of hair and so easy to do. Simply blow dry your hair and add a bit of salt spray for texture. Then split the front section in to three sections and twist back, securing with a Kirby grip. This style looks best a little messy!



    (Emily Blunt source

    Another hairstyle which is so easy to do. Part your hair into a side-parting while damp and smooth with a paddle brush. Blow-dry your hair and then use tongs or straighteners to create soft waves. Tuck the smaller section of hair behind your ear and secure with two Kirby grips about an inch apart. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

    Mid Length hair

    Wavy up-do


    (Alexa Chung source

    Towel dry hair into a center parting and split your hair into four sections. Twizzle the first section around your finger and spray with Salt spray. Do this with all your sections and scrunch your hair. Use a hairdryer and gently blow dry. Use a thin bobble and place hair in a low pony (or if your hair is long twist it into a messy bun) Make sure you leave the front pieces down! Wrap the two front sections around a curling wand or use straighteners to create a lose wave.

    Sleek Lob (long bob)


    (Fearne Cotton source

    A sleek hair do is perfect for this party season. After washing your hair apply a 2p size amount of straightening balm and blowdry with a paddle brush. Then run a straightener quickly over, finishing with with a spritz of hairspray for texture.

    Long hair

     Milkmaid braid


    (Mary-Kate Olson source

    Blow dry hair in to a middle parting, then split in to three sections and create a simple plait. Take the plait and place around the head like a halo, fastening with a Kirby grip. As always a little spritz of hairspray will keep in in place.

    Half up, half down 


    (Zooey Deschanel source

    Channel your inner 90’s chick with the grown up half up, half down do! Blow dry your hair and create soft waves with a curling wand . Then split your hair in to two sections and tie the top half in a messy bun – easy!

    Day time

    Bronze smokey eyes


    (Cara Delevingnesource

    Christmas is the perfect time to sport new make-up looks and I love this subtle bronze, smokey eye. Apply a thin layer of ‘dewy’ foundation and lightly apply a pink bronzer. Then apply a light bronze across the top of the lids and underneath the eye. Finish with a kick coat and mascara and you’re done!

    Night time

    Dramatic smokey eyes


    (Olivia Palermo source

    Christmas = glitter. And that’s a fact. For a evening look of the smokey then same steps apply as above, just change the bronze for a silver or maybe a sparkly grey. Again a apply a coat of mascara and finish with a nude gloss – perfect!

    Thanks Jess! We love her ideas for this party season but we’d love to hear yours! Let us know in the comments below!

    We also asked Lucy from the entertainment team, how the FunStar’s achieve their stage-ready looks! She explains how to get the FunStar night look, Girls on Film and Rockstar Reloaded!

    FunStar make-up

     FunStar Night-time make- up

    night make- funstar


    Start with a clean and clear foundation and a apply a slight amount of bronzer – think sunkissed not David Dickenson! Stage lights can really wash people out so it’s really important to add a bit of colour!
    We normally ask for the girls to wear red lipstick but this isn’t as strict – again we just like a bit of colour!
    Now it’s time for the false eyelashes, just plain, black ones.
    Pull you’re hair back, with a high quiff at the front and attach a straight or wavy hairpiece!
    There you are FunStar ready!


    Girls on film

    funstar shows- girls on film

    With Girls on Film the hair is the same but the make-up is a lot more colourful! We ask for a brighter pink lipstick and the eyes are outlined in black with pink, green and pastel blue flicks!

     Live @ and Rockstar Reloaded 

    live@ FunStars
    Live @ and RockStar reloaded is again the same hair and lips but this time it’s a dark smokey eyes for the girls!

    We also advise the boys that a little ‘guyliner’ wouldn’t go a miss, as well as some bronzer – we wouldn’t want them to look deathly pale next to our glamorous girls would we!

    To find our more about our FunStar shows read our blog here!Do you fancy winning a £50 voucher for Boots? Then you can have a go at creating some of these beautiful looks!
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