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    11 Things You Didn’t Know About Cumbria

    Cumbria is a marvellous county at the very top of England and home to our park Lakeland Leisure Park, but what makes it so amazing? From beautiful countryside to endless scenic views, we’ve found some of the best reasons to why it really is the perfect place for an English staycation.

    1. It has the highest peaks in England


    The Lake District has the ten highest peaks in England with only five measuring over 900m: Scafell Pike  – 977m, Scafell  – 964m, Helvellyn  – 953m, Skiddaw – 931 metres Great End – 910

    2. Home to some very famous literary luminaries…

    beatrix potter

    William Wordsworth probably the most famous, grew up in Cockermouth and Cumbria was actually very influential in his work. Another was Beatrix Potter who fell in love with the unspoilt surroundings of the region and moved from London.

    3. … As well as some very unique sheep


    After moving to Lakeland Potter began farming and breeding Herdwick Sheep, sheep that are actually completely unique to Cumbria. The Herdwick Sheep is a particularly tough breed which enables them to survive on the exposed fell tops in Cumbria; they are distinctive by their dark wool.

    4. Has ‘Britain’s Best road’ running through it, the A591

    Kendal windamere

    According to quantum physicist Dr Mark Hadley a road has to have the right balance of bends, acceleration, cruising and braking” with the ideal ratio being 10 seconds of straight to 1 second of bend to be the perfect road.  Therefore the 30-mile stretch in the Lake District has been awarded Britain’s Best Road with its ratio being 14:3 the closest to the ideal ratio!

    5. Pole Vaulting was invented here


    The actual technique of pole vaulting had been used to cross water ways for years worldwide however; it was the folk of Ulverston in 1879 who ran the competition to see who could clear the highest height and so Pole-vaulting was born!

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    6. Has Britain’s smallest AONB


    The beautiful village of Arnside, although small, is bursting full of wildlife, scenery and history; hence its award as an ‘Area of Natural Beauty’ from woodland walks to stunning coastal views Arnside really is one not to miss!

    7. England’s longest lake is Windermere

    lake windimeree

    Measuring at 10.5 miles long, Windermere is found in Cumbria’s Lake District and is surrounded by boundless amounts of natural beauty.

    8. The Lake District is very wet!

    Rain LD

    Manchester may be known as the ‘rainy city’ but the Lakelands are the wettest region in the UK! Each year, an average of 130 inches of rain falls on Borrowdale, but that is what gives it their lush greenery and breathtaking views!

    9. There once was a bridge from Bowness-on-Solway to Scotland

    iron ore

    Measuring over one mile long there was once a bridge used by iron ore trains to avoid going through the busy junction at Carlisle.  At one point you were unable to buy alcohol on a Sunday in Scotland so a number of Scotts would use the bridge to go and enjoy a Sherry after dinner, on their drunken return sadly some fell from the bridge due to this the bridge was then destroyed in 1933.

    10. The Lake District National Park is the largest National Park in England

    Lake district

    Measuring 2362 sq kilometres the  Lake District is England’s largest national park, with 10 parks throughout England they make up 9.3% of the land area!

    11. Bill Gates made his swimming pool out of the Lake District natural resources!



    Microsoft mogul Bill Gates wanted a piece of the Lake District in his £63.2m mansion in Washington and has allegedly purchased £1,500,000 of slate quarried from the Lake District to build his swimming pool… if it is good enough for Bill Gates, it’s good enough for me!

    We went to visit Cumbria to see what we could discover in 48 hours. Watch this video to see what we found!

    Have you visited Cumbria this year? How was your holiday? Let us know in the comment section below!

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