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    11 Things You Didn’t Know About Lancashire

    From Pleasure Island to The Forest of Bowland, lovely Lancashire really has everything! Why not try it out whilst visiting some of our Lancashire parks? Marton Mere and Cala Gran are both based in Blackpool and are the perfect place to stay whilst exploring the area!

    We visited Lancashire and created a handy guide with things to do in the area in 48 hours!


    1. It is one of the largest shire countiesmap

    The county covers an area of 3,075 sq km making it the third largest shire county

    2. Has both the largest and smallest towns in England

    city hall

    With a population of approximately 279,000 (in 2014), Bolton is the largest town in Britain, however, Bashall Town, near Clitheroe, is England’s smallest town. Both are located in Lancashire.

    3. A great break from city life


    With 80 per cent of Lancashire officially classed as rural, this county is the perfect destination for a quick getaway out of busy towns and cities.

    4. It is surrounded by stunning views and natural beauty


    The Forest of Bowland has been awarded as an ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ it’s vast beauty covers 802 square km – making it the same size as New York City!

    5. It takes 7 years to paint Blackpool Tower


    Designed to be a replica of the Eiffel tower, the Blackpool tower is 138m and takes 7 years to paint from top to bottom. The tower’s lifts travel 3,500 miles every year.

    Click here to find out more about our parks in Blackpool

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    6. Ribble Valley is a famous hotspot!

    country side

    Not only has it given inspiration for Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ with Stonyhurst College but Ribble Valley has also been mentioned in the Queen’s biography as her desired retiring location.

    7. Britain’s longest Canal flows through

    canal 12

    The Leeds and Liverpool Canal, measuring 204km, flows through large parts of the county.

    8. It also breaks a canal record…

    another canal

    The Lancaster Canal has the longest lock-free stretch in the country!

    9. Home to the magical Martin Mere


    Martin Mere is Lancashire’s largest lake, it is famous as it is the last known home of King Arthur’s magical sword `Excalibur`.

    10. Perfect for thrill seekers

    big 1

    The Big One formerly called The Pepsi Max rollercoaster. At 235ft high and reaching 845mph it is the tallest and fastest roller-coaster in England.

    11. ‘Big Daddy’ lives there

    big daddy

    Big Daddy is the Japanese spider crag that holds the record for ‘world’s largest marine crustacean’ in the World Guinness records 60th year edition.


    Do you know any fun facts about Lancashire? Let us know in the comment section below

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