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    11 Things You Didn’t Know About Northumberland

    Why not take time to discover the beautiful county of Northumberland which is home to our two parks Berwick and Haggerston Castle. Bursting full of fun for all the family, it really will not disappoint.

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    1. It is England’s most northern county!


    Between Scotland and Durham, Northumberland is right at the top of England and is home to a vast history of conflicts between Scotland and England.

    2. Home to the largest man-made lake and forest in northern Europe.

    man made lake

    Kielder Water & Forest Park in Northumberland forms part of the largest man made forest in Northern Europe. Each year they harvest half a million cubic metres of timber, which then every winter/ spring they replace with three and a half million trees.

    3. The Farne Islands and Coquet Island are just off the coast of Northumberland in the North Sea.


    These islands are reserves for many bird species including puffins and the rare roseate tern, making it the perfect spot for bird watching.

    4. Has the lowest population density in England.

    population density

    Northumberland has 97% of its area classed as rural. The county is sparsely populated with 63 people per km2 making it an ideal walking location!

    5. Both Jack Charlton and Sir Bobby Charlton come from Northumberland.

    footty w cSource:

    The two brothers, born in Ashington played in the 1966 World Cup – the last time England has won it!

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    6. It has its own flag…


    Well actually it is a banner of arms of the Northumberland county council but actually it predates the council by over a millennium!

    7. The Northumberland Coast is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


    An AONB is a part of countryside in the UK that is recognised as a significant landscape and therefore needs protection. With a mix of beaches, sand dunes, cliffs and islands it is no wonder why Northumberland’s coast is an AONB.

    8. It has more castles than any other county!

    banbury castle

    Although some are admittedly ruins, Northumberland is home to the most castles than any other county in England and has been described as the ‘English Castle County Par Excellence’

    9. Holy island is just off the Northumberland coast

    holy island

    This historic island is home to the Lindisfarne castle and breathtaking views, however the island is inaccessible twice a day so check the tide tables when planning your trip!

    10. Home to The Alnwick Gardens

    alnwick g

    In 1996 the 12th Duchess of Northumberland presented an idea to transform the derelict and neglected estate into what it is known as today, restoring and enhancing it from its former glory.

    11. Home to Europes largest area of protected night sky

    night 1

    Measuring 572 square miles, it is the largest amount of pristine sky away from light pollution! It was awarded gold tier designation by the international dark sky association making it the best place to gawk at the wondrous sky above us.

    Have you ever visited the wonderful area of Northumberland? Let us know what you got up to or any fun facts you know about the area in the comment section below! 

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    Check out these fun facts about Northumberland!