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    11 things you didn’t know about Dorset

    Delightful Dorset has a few tricks up its sleeve and that’s why it should be on everyone’s to do list.

    48 hour guide to Dorset

    1. It’s a beauty.

    Hambledon Hill (source

    Hambledon Hill (source

    Over half of Dorset is known as an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty and 3/4 of its coastline is a World Heritage site, including Lulworth cove and Old Harry Rocks.


    2.  It has beaches that could make the Caribbean jealous.

    Weymouth Beach, the 2nd best in Europe.

    Weymouth Beach, the 8th best in Europe.

    Dorset has 5 Blue Flag beaches and Weymouth Beach was voted the 2nd best beach in the UK by TripAdvisor and the 8th best in Europe!


    3. It has famous residents.

    (source Sandbanks - thee place to be.

    Sandbanks – thee place to be. (source

    Sandbanks in Dorset is described as the 4th most expensive place to live in the world, so it’s no surprise that Former Football Manager Harry Redknapp owns a home there.  Batman himself, Christian Bale attended Bournemouth school.


    4. It’s quite a celeb itself!

    'oh look it's those cliffs of the tele' Westbay at it's finest.

    ‘oh look, it’s those cliffs off the tele’ Westbay at it’s finest.

    Dorset was all over the headlines when ITV’s Broadchurch aired, in particular West Bay. Brad Pitt also paid a visit to Lulworth Cove in World War Z and Abbotsbury Swannery was used as location for Harry Potter filming.

    5. Its produced some award-winning literature

    (source You can even visit the cottage Thomas Hardy lived in.

    You can even visit the cottage Thomas Hardy lived in. (source

    It inspired one of the best poets and authors of our times Thomas Hardy, as well as world-famous children’s writer Enid Blyton.

    6. It has it’s very own Safari.



    Get off the beaten track and see Dorset from a different side. Join Jurassic Safari and get up close and personal with the wildlife of Dorset.

    7. Largest natural Harbour in Britain



    Approximately 36 square kilometres big, Poole Harbour was formed naturally at the end of the last ice age.

    8. Its has its own micro climate.

    (source Giant plants or small decide.

    Giant plants or small man…you decide. (source

    Abbotsbury SubTropical Gardens is a 30 acre garden filled with rare and exotic plants which can only grow because of the micro climate.  Alan Titchmarsh has said about the gardens, “one of the finest gardens I have ever visited.” If it’s good enough for Alan…

    9. Its home to the worlds largest door



    Near Lulworth in Dorset you can find Durdle Door, as well as some beautiful beaches.

    10. Brownsea Island is a safe haven for red squirrels.



    Red squirrels are almost extinct in Southern England but they can live happily on Brownsea Island as there are no grey squirrels causing them bother.


    11. You can find (one of) the hottest chilli peppers in the world.

    dorset naga

    Hey hot stuff. (source

    The Dorset Naga was named the hottest chilli in the world in 2006 and although it’s been knocked off the top spot The Dorset Naga is still a hot contender.


    If beaches are more your thing, here’s a round of the best beaches in Dorset.

    Did you know we have four Dorset holiday parks? This includes: Littlesea, Seaview, Weymouth Bay in Weymouth and Rockely Park in Poole.