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    12 of the best Christmas puns

    Who doesn’t love a good pun? I know that over here at Haven HQ we love them. So we thought that bringing together the best Christmas puns just had to be part of our advent calendar!

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    1. The Christmas secret service appears to run by a load of mince spies!

    red mince spy


    2. The elf decided to push his bed into the fireplace, mainly because he wanted to sleep like a log!

    Gold elf fireplace


    3. I went to visit Santa in his grotto the other day, I started feeling really weird, it must be Claustrophobia.

    santa red


    4. I’m going to become a locksmith this Christmas, apparently a lot of doors need opening.

    gold advent calendar


    5. How does an elf get to Santa’s workshop? By icicle.

    NEW Red ice bike


    6. A song told me to Deck the Halls…so I did. Mr.and Mrs. Hall are not very happy.

    deck the halls gold


    7. We went to the beach for our annual cat Christmas play, the main star was of course Sandy Paws!

    gold cat on the beach


    8. There was a golfer who played on Christmas and hit a birdie. It was a partridge on a par 3.

    gold golfer


    9. My son is having a Star Wars themed Christmas Lunch, the fork is strong with this one!

    star wars red


    10. I turned up empty handed to my families house on Christmas day, seems my presence wasn’t enough for them!

    Gold presents


    11. This one’s a cracker, no it’s Christmas!

    Red its a cracker


    12. I can’t wait to eat some turkey on Christmas Day, I’m going to gobble it up.

    gold turkey


    Do you have any of your own favourite puns? Let us know in the comments below.

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