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    13 DIY Christmas decorations

    Christmas is so exciting but probably the most expensive time of the year.  The build up is immense and we all want it to be magical and special.  We’ve pulled together some really simple and effective DIY decoration ideas to help make your family Christmas that extra bit special, without having to spend huge amounts of dosh.  Lots of these ideas are simple enough so the kids can get involved too.

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    13.Colour Pallet Christmas Cards

    You really don’t have to be an artist to re-create this simple card idea, just pop down to your local DIY store and get some green paint charts!

    Gold xmas tree colour pallet


    12.DIY Sparkly Baubles

    We had great fun making these sparkly baubles, so simple, check out our little video on how to make this sparkly delights!

    11.Handprint Reindeer

    The kids will definitely love this idea and they’ll make a great gift for nan and grandad too.

    red hand print craft



    10.Craft Window Decorating

    I loved this idea of dressing up a window, could be in the hall or on a landing.

    Gold window craft



    9.Christmas Pudding Tree Decorations

    We picked up a pack of craft felt and made this simple Christmas pudding tree decoration, or you could tie it on to a Christmas present and write their name on the back with a silver sharpie.Watch our simple video

    8.Clever Candle Cases

    This is a great way to dress up a simple candle and it will smell great too (could always pop the candle in a jam jar if you’re worried about dripping wax!

    red candle decs

    (Source: Buzzfeed)

    7.Tree lanterns

    How clever is this one? If you’re like me and love to have Christmas lights all over the house and not just on the tree these lanterns will make them just that little bit different!

    Gold lantern christmas lights


    6.Ribbon trees

    Keeping it simple and bringing a bit of the outdoors in! So get the kids out in the garden hunting for some twigs pick up a selection of green ribbons and get tying.

    red twig decs



    5.Wine glass charms

    These simple wine glass charms make it really easy to identify which glass is yours to help save on the washing up… all you have to do is remember which colour you were given! Check out our simple how to video.

    4.Origami Santa gift tags

    Tomigami, our expert origami friend, is back and he’s feeling festive!


    3.Paper chains

    If you think paper chains belong in the classroom then think again!

    gold paper chain tree


    2.Felt Letters

    This idea takes a little more skill but using felt you can make one for all the family! You could use these as table decorations and then get everyone to hang their own one on the tree.

    red table decsl


    1. Chocolate money trees

    Having a chocolate money tree is a family tradition in our house, sometimes we also include quality streets. Just get some twigs from the garden – spray them with gold or silver paint (do this outside with your back to the wind to avoid spray back!) A darning needle and some gold thread and get threading.

    Gold money tree


    Do you have any of your own favourite puns? Let us know in the comments below.

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