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    14 celebrity dinner guests we’d love this Christmas

    Have you sent out all of your Christmas dinner invites yet? We’ve been thinking about ours and have decided on the celebrities we’d love to have around the table this Xmas!

    Liam would invite…

    Eddie Redmayne

    Eddie Redmayne

    “You’re an interesting man, Mr Scamander” – Percival Graves is correct, and so is the man playing him! After perfecting the role of Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, I’d love to have Eddie Redmayne around the dinner table this Christmas!

    Jürgen Klopp

    Jurgen Klopp

    You need a bit of craziness at any party, and Jürgen Klopp is to man the bring you that! There can’t be many football fans in the world who don’t love the charismatic German and he’d certainly make dinner fun!

    Perrie Edwards


    I’d love to get involved in all the gossip and Little Mix are just great so hopefully she’d keep the table entertained by singing Shout Out To My Ex! Although I guess it should be her day off…

    Karl Pilkington


    It was a difficult choice between Karl Pilkington and his comic sidekicks Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, but in the end the Mancunian came out on top as his quirky view on life would really add something to the conversation!

    Lucy would invite…

    Jack Whitehall

    jack whitehall

    Jack Whitehall a brilliant actor and comedian. Although best known for his roles in Fresh Meat and Bad Education, I love Jack as a panellist on A League of Their Own with pals James Corden, Jamie Redknapp and Freddy Flintoff. I love the jokes they share and Jack is sure to have the table laughing and joking around.

    J.K Rowling


    With Harry Potter being my all time favourite franchise, I just had to choose J.K Rowling as one of my celebrity guests for dinner. Chatting about the behind the scenes gossip from the films and her story through writing the 7 books would make for great dinner chat!

    Zac Efron 


    Zac Efron is one of my favourite actors. We’ve watched him grow up through the different films he’s been in starting with High School Musical and he’s been the lead actor in many of my favourite films.

    Tom Fletcher 


    Tom Fletcher would be a great dinner guest to have – he could tell us all about how it was growing up in McFly, all the behind the scenes gossip from the band and exclusive information about their merge with the famous Busted to produce the supergroup McBusted! I’d also love to hear about his life at home with wife Gi and his adorable two sons, and he could sing us a song or two as well!

    Helen would invite…

    Michelle Obama

    I just love her! She’s an inspiration and lets be honest, she won the mannequin challenge hands down!  

    David Attenbrough


    Imagine the stories! David would be able to keep everyone entertained with his travelling tales and  I’d even ask him to narrate the party in classic Planet Earth style!



    I am obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race and I know she’d be hilarious to have around the dinner table – she could even teach me a thing or two about contouring!

    Johnny would invite….

    Louis Theroux


    Who wouldn’t want to hear all the fascinating stories that Louis could share with the table!

    Mary Berry


    I’m really not a massive fan of Christmas Pudding, so I’m hoping she will either be able to bring an alternative or let me know I can cook instead.

    Joel Dommett


    He was absolutely hilarious on ‘I’m A Celeb’ and I think he deserves a great Christmas dinner after those bush tucker trials.

    Who would you bring to this dinner party? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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