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    15 of the best Christmas adverts

    It used to be the famous Coca-cola adverts you’d watch out for each year to indicate the beginning of the festive season, however, John Lewis in 2014 raised the bar with their tear jerking advert ‘The Bear and The Hare’. Since then brands have been competing each year to get into this space. Here are 15 of the best Christmas adverts in 2016.

    1. M&S have tugged at the heartstrings this year with their snapshot of Mrs Claus saving Christmas day. Whilst Santa Claus is out distributing presents, she makes a special delivery of her own…

    2. John Lewis never fail to disappoint, as they reveal that Christmas is a day for everyone to enjoy – even Buster the Boxer has a spring in his step!

    3. Aldi presents Christmas in a different perspective through the eyes of a small carrot and his very own festive experiences.

    4. Sainsbury’s advert for 2016 has a catchy tune and illustrates the chaotic and busy lead up to Christmas and ending (of course) with a happily ever after!

    5. Very bring a warming and heartfelt message within their ad this year – ‘Get more out of giving’

    6. Morrison’s  TV ad is simple but fun – also great if you need to brush up on your general knowledge!

    7. Waitrose use an adorable little robin show the lengths people willingly travel just to spend time with their family and loved ones at Christmas!

    8. Heathrow brings to life two adorable bears for their 2016 ad – it is impossible not to love this one…

    9. Argos is a story of five different coloured Yetis who take to the streets of London on ice skates! 

    10. Boots TV ad this year celebrates those who give back to their communities by giving up their Christmas day to work.

    11.Barbour give off a sense of nostalgia by retelling the classic children’s story ‘The Snowman’.

    12. Lidl reminds us that Christmas is full of surprises – everyone coming together to celebrate lights everything up!

    13. TK Maxx do an excellent acapella rendition of Misirlou -more commonly known as Pulp Fiction’s theme. My favourite is the gargling Granny!

    14. Burberry really pull out the stops this year featuring the famous Dominic West and Sienna Miller they tell the tale of Thomas Burberry himself.

    15. Harrods showcases their very own Hugh the bear who manages to reach out to Santa and save Christmas day – he is just adorable!

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