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    17 of the best Christmas films

    Christmas is the perfect excuse to get on the sofa and work your way through the best feel-good films you can find.

    And even though we love the seaside here at Haven don’t mistake us for a one trick pony- we know a good Christmas film when we see one and we thought we’d share our knowledge. We’ve kindly spent many an evening finding 23 of the best Christmas films for you and your family to enjoy!

    Plus – scroll down to the bottom to see what today’s prize is over on Facebook competition!

    So what are the best Christmas films?

    17. Deck the Halls

    Christmas-loving Steve Finch and his family are set to enjoy a very different kind of festive season, after Buddy Hall and his family move in. They couldn’t be more different, and soon come to blows when Buddy’s decorations are so bright they can be seen from space!

    16. Fred Claus

    Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) grew up in his brother, Nick’s saintly shadow. So when he finds himself in jail, he reluctantly turns to Nick, who agrees to help him if he’ll visit the North Pole. The scheming Fred discovers family again, and tries to stop an auditor shut down Christmas for good.

    15. Nightmare Before Christmas

    Jack Skellington is the pumpkin king of HalloweenTown, who being bored with Halloween stumbles into ChristmasTown, and rushes back to tell the rest of his people. But they get the wrong idea and soon try to take over Christmas with scary presents.

    14. White Christmas

    Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star as ex-army buddies who follow their hearts to Vermont after meeting two girls in a nightclub. They find their former general has run into hard times, so set out to lift his spirits, and along the way create a big show and find romance.

    13. The Polar Express

    A little boy starts to doubt the magic of Christmas. That is, until Tom Hanks turns up on his door-step, the magical train conductor who takes him on a Christmas Eve adventure. Along with other kids on the train, he travels to the North Pole where he meets the real Santa Claus himself.

    12. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

    Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswold, poster boy for the madcap Christmas film – when it comes to creating the perfect Christmas, he’s a disaster zone! Which makes this a classic Christmas comedy – with the help of his hick cousin, played by Randy Quiad.

    11. Miracle on 34th Street

    When Kris Kringle is brought in as a replacement Santa for Cole’s store, six-year old Susan is the only child not to believe he’s the real deal. But her no-nonsense mum’s boyfriend tries to get her to believe, and with only the real Santa knowing her Christmas list, things start to change.

    10.Christmas with the Kranks

    When their daughter, Blair flies the nest, Luther and Nora decide to ‘skip the holidays’ and book a cruise for Christmas. But their neighbours have other ideas. Then when Blair heads home last minute, they have just twelve hours to create a perfect Christmas at home with a little community spirit

    9.It’s a Wonderful Life

    James Stewart plays George Bailey, a man pushed to the brink, before his comically innocent guardian angel, Clarence steps in. Desperate to ‘get his wings’, Clarence goes to great lengths to show him it really is a wonderful life, and he’s made more of a difference in his small town than he ever knew.


    It was only released last year and Frozen has only  just missed out of the final 5- it really seems we can’t ‘let it go’! (Had to be done). Princess Elsa is born with the power to freeze, but after putting the kingdom of Arendelle into an eternal winter, she runs away. But her sister, Anna sets off to bring her back with the help of some cute sidekicks – Olaf the snowman is this generations Rizzo the rat.

    7.The Holiday

    After suffering bad break-ups, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes to escape their Christmas blues. Both have holiday romances, but know it must come to an end when the holiday’s over and they go back to their lives in California and England.


    Jim Carrey plays the Grinch, a self-confessed greenie meanie who hates everything Christmas stands for. But can little Cindy-Lou change the Gringe’s ways? Plus find out here what Cindy-Lou is up to these days

    5. Home Alone

    Macauley Culkin is every kid’s hero after he comes up with booby traps to foil a pair of burglars’ plans to rob his house. His family have accidentally left him behind and gone to Paris for Christmas, but while they panic to get back his comic antics keep him and their house safe.

    4. Love Actually

    It’s an all-star line-up for this Christmas themed tale about love. From the love of a dad and his son, to an ageing pop-star and his best friend, to office romances – the countdown to Christmas is shown through these sweet stories – oh, and Hugh Grant plays the Prime Minister!

    3.The Santa Clause

    Tim Allen steps into Santa’s shoes after an accident,accepting ‘The Santa Clause’ – that whoever wears his suit, will assume his identity. Cue lots of laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of magic as he transforms into Santa and he tries to carry out his duties with his little boy, Charlie. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched this film and it gets better every single time.

    2.The Muppet Christmas Carol

    Michael Caine stars as Ebenezer Scrooge in this fun musical animation, based on Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’. The Muppets characters such as Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog take on the classic parts that show Scrooge the true meaning of Christmas. (This is actually Helen’s top pick, she truly believes that Rizzo the rat is a comedy genius!)


    Will Ferrell is the innocent Buddy, a human brought up by elves and returns to New York to meet his real dad. James Caan plays his dad, who struggles to come to terms with Buddy’s hilarious habits like spreading Christmas cheer by ‘singing loud for all to hear’! The ultimate Christmas movie. And it also has the BEST Christmas quote – ‘SANTA ! I KNOW HIM’  is all I will be saying round the office!

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