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    18 of the funniest Christmas tweets

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all! With this in mind we have gathered together a list of celebrities Christmas tweets that will have your sides splitting and that’s before you have put away half a turkey and a million mince pies.

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    1. Everyone wants to get that Christmas number 1!

    2. An alternative Star for the top of the Christmas tree.

    3. Wouldn’t that be nice…

    4. As long as you are on the good list. 

    5. We have all sneaked an Advent chocolate early!

    6. Santa’s little helpers.

    7. We will serve to you any day in that Andy!

    8. We just can’t resist those mince pies.

    9. All we want is food!

    10. Everyone else has decided that too…

    11. We were thinking the same thing

    12. I bet you wish you could get to Neverland

    12. Love Actually is the ultimate Xmas film

    13. You don’t have to be posh to be privileged 

    14. You were the a twinkle in your fathers eye once Swift

    15. I didn’t know cats liked pears…

    16. Get out the mistletoe!

    17. Watch out…

    18. We wish it could be Christmas every day…