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    18 special Christmas foods

    Who doesn’t love Christmas food? It provides the perfect comfort on a winter’s eve and is always best when shared with family and friends, which is exactly what this time of year is all about. Best of all is that there’s so much choice when it comes to festive food you can enjoy everything from exciting Yorkshire pudding canapes to a full English potato cake! Have a read below to find out a whole array of delicious delights…

    Cheesy Brussels sprout fondue 


    This is the ultimate way to make Brussels sprouts appealing to all…add lots of cheese! If you are someone who fancies this festive winter warmer then click here.

    Pigs in blankets


    I’m not quite sure if a Christmas food could get anymore special than Pigs in Blankets! It’s one of those traditional winter snacks that is best shared with the whole family, also a staple requirement on a Christmas dinner plate.

    Yorkshire pudding canapes


    I can’t think of a past Christmas where I haven’t enjoyed a delicious Yorkshire pudding, with family in Yorkshire they are always the best of the best. Here is twist on the classic to make them the perfect canapes for your Christmas dinner table, for the full recipe click here.

    Potted Stilton


    Cheese and crackers – I couldn’t ask for any more from a Christmas food! Click here to find out more about this delicious side!

    Honey roast carrots


    Spice up the classic carrot with this delicious sweet version, you’ll not look back once you make this super easy side. Click here to find the full recipe from River Cottage!

     Christmas Chutney


    Potentially not the first thing you think of when it comes to the festive season, but trust me once you have some left over turkey with Christmas chutney it will the change the way you use up your leftovers. To find out to make this delicious festive treat click here.

     Smoked salmon snack


    If you are looking to indulge this winter then this is the perfect dish for you. It will take you under 15mins to make and will really impress friends and family at the Christmas dinner table, to find out more click here!

    Christmas chocolate cake


    Don’t fancy having Christmas pudding this year? Well here is a tasty alternative – Chocolate, Orange & Hazelnut cake. It’s easy to make and can serve the whole family, it might even change some opinions around the classic Christmas pudding. Find out more by clicking here!

     Mince pies

    (Source: Reveal)

    (Source: Reveal)

    If you want to get the kids involved with the Christmas food prep this year, then there is nothing more special than making a whole batch of mince pies together, to find out the easy recipe click here.

    Baked Camembert dough ball platter


    Dough balls might not be top of your Christmas food list but when you can combine with the with molten cheese they take on a whole new life of their own, discover this party pleaser by clicking here!

    Christmas soup


    (Source: Jamie Oliver)

    What could be more of a winter warmer than a delicious Christmas soup? Click here to find out how to make it.



    I always think that the arrival of gingerbread in the house must mean that Christmas is close by! Even better is the smell of gingerbread cooking, the festive smell will have the whole family wanting to tuck in. To find out more then click here!

    Full English Hash Brown


    I stumbled across this recipe when looking for a way to re-invent the classic full English for winter – essentially it’s a giant hash brown! To find out how to make one then click here.

    Baked Chicken Wings


    Get all the family feasting this year with these delicious baked chicken wings, they will be the first to disappear at a Christmas party. Find out more about how to make them here!


    Sole goujons with mango & lime dip


    A tasty addition to the table this Christmas, some might even they are the life and ‘soul’ of the party! Find out more by clicking here.

    Ham & cheese croquetas


    These really easy to make snacks are ideal for keeping the whole family fed, especially the kids! Find out how to make them by clicking here.

    Twisty cheese straws


    If you are looking for a delicious snack to tide you over between meals then you couldn’t ask for more than a tasty cheese straw, best served with a glass of wine of course! Find the simple recipe here.


    Mini New York Cheesecakes


    Last but by no means least, there needs to be a sweet treat in the mix, here is the perfect sharing dessert… Mini New York Cheesecakes! Find out how to make them here.

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