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    2016 outdoor bucket list

    Now’s the time to start ticking off all the things you want to do in 2016 so we’ve come up with a brilliant outdoor bucket list to help you on your way.

    Climb a tree


    This is just one of those things you have to do – and that includes parents too!

    Go on a bug hunt


    You never know what you might find if you do a little searching – make yourself a checklist of all the things you see.

    Build a den


    Every kid dreams of having their own den in the forest and they’re great fun to make too!

    Visit a farm


    Look at his face, who wouldn’t want to spend the day looking at these adorable animals and their friends?

    Plant some flowers



    Make the garden look prettier while having some fun at the same time!

    Go for a long walk


    Get some fresh air by just going for a nice stroll in the countryside.

    Learn how to ride a bike


    Not only will you be learning but you’ll get to have great fun outside too!

    Skim stones



    See whether you can master skimming stones and get them further than your family.

    Sleep under the stars



    Enjoy the beautiful of the universe by sleeping under the stars.

    Read a book under a tree



    Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from it all and get stuck into a good book, and where better than surrounded by nature?

    Paint with nature



    You can create some truly amazing pieces of art with nature and you don’t even need to be good at it!

    Try to fly a kite


    Let’s go fly a kite up to the highest height, let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring!

    Go welly wanging



    An unusual phenomenon, but it’s great fun and definitely worth a go!

    Roll down a big hill



    Is there anything more fun than just letting go and rolling down a hill? No is the answer!

    Have a picnic



    There’s no better place to eat your lunch than the great outdoors so make yourself a picnic and head to a nice area.

    Play Pooh Sticks



    It’s one of the most simple games you can play. Find a bridge over a river and find a stick, that’s really all you need!

    Jump in some puddles



    Get those waterproofs on and splash about as much as you like.

    Build a sandcastle


    Who can make the best sandcastle? We’d love to see your designs!

    Jump the waves


    This is great fun, and if you’re not heading to the seaside plenty of indoor swimming pools have wave machines!

    Make your own Olympics



    It’s a great way to have fun and be competitive at the same time. Sack races, obstacle courses and beanbags? It’s perfect.

    Spot five different kinds of birds


    There’s so many different types of wildlife all across Britain so see what species of bird you can find near where you live.

    And you can download your very own 2016 outdoor bucket list checklist here.

    Have you done any of these things already? Is there any we’ve missed you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comment section below.