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    3 fun Christmas dinner table games

    After everyone is feeling lovely and full from Christmas dinner and the walk to the front-room just seems to much effort, why not bring the games to the table?We want to share 3 of our favourite dinner table games!

    1. The Hat Game

    Everyone round the table writes down 5 famous names or characters.
    Fold them up and place them in a hat in the middle.
    Separate in to teams (you can play with several groups of pairs or two big team – we mainly do Boys vs Girls)
    Each team gets a minute to try and describe as people as they can to their team or partner
    Do this until there are no names left
    Whoever has described the most correctly wins!


    The team at Haven HQ before The Hat Game!

    The team at Haven HQ before The Hat Game!

    2. Christmas carol pictionary

    It’s a Christmas twist on a classic game!
    Get everyone around the table to write one Christmas carol, fold it and place it in the middle of the table.
    Each person takes it in turns to pick up a piece of paper and either acts out or draws the carol that is on there to the rest of the group
    The person who has guessed the most correctly wins!


    3. The paper plate drawing game

    While everyone is sat at the table gave them a sturdy paper plate and pen
    Get them to put the plate on top of their heads and ask the draw a Christmas tree without looking.
    Keep giving them different instructions such as adding decorations, presents at the bottom or draw fireplace.
    For every different action they draw correctly they get a point
    The person with the most points wins!

    Top tip – Think of different Christmas scenes for people to draw!

    Here's some of our teams attempt - quite the artists aren't we...

    Here’s some of our teams attempt – quite the artists aren’t we…


    An extra Christmas dinner table game for good luck…

    How many yorkshire puddings can you steal from your Dad’s plate without him noticing? My best score was 16 last time I tried…

    Do you have any Christmas dinner table games that are a tradition in your house?
    Let us know in the comments below!
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