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    3 easy car games you can always rely on

    The car journey is where the fun begins– whether it’s a trip to the relatives for Christmas, or a drive to the coast for a holiday, as soon as you get in the car you are on your way! However, it can be a challenge keeping kids entertained for longer journeys.

    Apps on tablets and smartphones can be an easy solution, but as good as they are, there is something really lovely about games that bring the whole family together! So, we decided to look for the best games to play in the car to keep everyone happy.

    Jake’s ‘Blue vs. Yellow’ Game

    One of our Haven fans, Jake Todhunter, has sent us in a fantastic game that you can play in the car.

    “We know long car journeys can be boring, so why not play Blue vs Yellow before you arrive! When you’re travelling to your holiday home split your car into two teams, blue and yellow. Each team has to try and spot as many cars, of their colour, as they can and whoever has the most when you arrive is the winner.”

    Jake also has a helpful hint, “Team Yellow should look for cars that are close to yellow too, because there’s not always as many travelling.”




    Memory Game

    Starting with the letter ‘A’ the first player thinks of an object:


    Then the second person repeats Apple, thinks of something beginning with ‘B’ and says this afterwards:


    The next player repeats the objects (in this case, Apple and Burgers), then says something beginning with ‘C’:

    Christmas lights

    … and so it goes on, carrying on up the alphabet.

    Anyone who messes up is out – and the winner’s the person who gets to the end with the best memory.

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    Who am I?

    One player thinks of a person (it can be a celebrity or a fictional character) and everyone goes around the car thinking of a question to get clues – with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

    So, one guesser might ask if they wear glasses, another might ask if they have blonde hair, and so on – until the winner guesses who it is.

    Really simple and loads of fun!


    Would any of these work for you and your kids? Have you got any others that you can always rely on in the car? Or any that were favourites when you were a child? Share them with us in the comments – and we might get the chance to add them to another post soon!