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    4 reasons autumn is the perfect time to go touring at Haven

    Make your autumn a little more special by hitting the road for a touring trip to the coast. With 22 touring and camping Haven parks you’ve got your pick of all corners of the UK and we’ve got some reasons why you should make the most of autumn and jump into your motorhome once more.

    The colours of autumn

    There’s nothing better than being out in nature during autumn. The beautiful gold, red and brown leaves falling from the trees and the early morning fresh air. And to make it even better you’ll be right on the coast to take in the stunning views from our parks. Or head out and about and explore the local area. Lakeland is based by the Lake District where you can see some beautiful autumn sights like above.

    More to do than pitch up

    At Haven, there’s so much to do once you’ve pitched up. Whether you fancy going for a dip in one of our indoor pools, or crave a bite to eat in our delicious restaurants, or even want to touch the sky on our exhilarating Aerial Adventure courses, you’ll never be bored.

    You can enjoy touring and camping at 22 Haven parks

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    Last of the summer sun

    We’ve had one of the best summers in years, and the good weather hasn’t got anywhere just yet. The temperature’s just right to explore everywhere on the Great British coast before returning to your tourer for a good night’s kip!

    Quieter by the coast

    At this time of year the kids are back at school, and it’s a little quieter on the coast. So pour yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the sounds of the seaside.

    Are you planning a touring holiday this autumn? Where are you planning on visiting? Let us know in the comment section below!