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    5 beach gadgets you need to own

    As we all head down to the beach this summer it’s important to make sure the whole experience remains as stress free as possible. We’ve done the hard work for you by finding these fantastic beach gadgets that will make your whole day a breeze.

    Scrunch Bucket

    Saving space is vital on any trip to the seaside and that’s why getting yourself a Scrunch Bucket is an absolute must! They can collapse down and fit into the smallest spaces so your little ones can have the same level of fun without buckets taking up room in the boot.

    Solar Buddies

    Solar Buddies have been designed specifically for children, making it easier for them to hold the bottle, apply the sunscreen and not make any mess! They are refillable, recyclable and reusable so it’s perfect for UK beach holidays.


    Not only will your little ones love to wear their very own fins, but Swimfin helps support them in the water. It makes learning to swim even more fun! And unlike other aids it can be used to teach all different types of swimming strokes.

    Hand Trux

    Transform the way you and the kids create sand castles with this really useful digging tool! You’re bound to have bundles of fun with Hand Trux.

    Sand Free Beach Towel

    No-one enjoys that feeling when the sand makes it way onto your beach towel and manages to get onto everything! This amazing C Gear technology sandmat, from Out-Right, has a super clever design which means that it can resist sand. Not only that it is quick to dry and compact!

    Do you have a favourite seaside gadget? What do you always bring to the beach? Let us know in the comments section below!

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