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    5 of the Craziest Mini Golf Courses in the UK

    For those who love to relax – but are secretly competitive – a day of crazy golf is a great idea for a family outing. Whether you are wiling your days away by the beach or are looking for something which will tear your pre-teens away from their iPads, a day of putting is pretty much paramount.

    Next time you need a family break, try a golf course that gets the heart beating and the fists bumping. Here we list our top five craziest mini golf courses from across the UK.

    Hastings Adventure Golf

    Get yourself down to Hastings Adventure Golf for a day of family fun. Here you get to choose from three exciting golf courses: Classic crazy golf, “Florida-style” golf and Pirate-themed golf.

    Hastings Adventure Golf is certainly no stranger to serious competition: it is home to the annual World Crazy Golf Championships, which takes place every June, and even hosted the British Championships last May.

    For those looking for a nibble, you will find plenty of classic seaside favourites at their Beach Retreat Café. Sample ice-creams, doughnuts, fish & chips, and – for the healthy bunch – fruit dipped in chocolate. Yum!

    Pirate’s Bay Golf

    Shiver me timbers! Enjoy a whole new family adventure at Pirate’s Bay golf course. Based along Paignton seafront in Devon, this exciting course gives you everything from epic cannonballs to sneaky pirates hunting for their loot.

    The first thing many visitors to Pirate’s Bay do is ogle the course’s mind-blowing design, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed in professional circles either! This 18-hole course won a BALI award for its whimsical development and, with a great course comes plenty of accolades: they have also received TripAdvisor’s Award of Excellence.

    Keep an ear out for the exploding cannon fire which has put many visitors off their putting! Let’s hope you won’t be left walking the plank come the final hole.

    Dinosaur Safari

    Jurassic Park, eat your heart out! At Dinosaur Safari in Arkley, Hertfordshire, you will be greeted by all the most memorable dinosaurs of the Triassic period, including the legendary Iguanodon, Megalosaurus and Ankylosaurus.

    Amble over giant rocks, wander amongst cascading waterfalls and storm your way through the palm trees to become the next putting champ of the family!

    This 18-hole course is a real action-packed adventure, with a dinosaur-shaped surprise on each hole. One of these surprises you will almost definitely catch a glimpse of is the course’s very own mascot: a 100ft Diplodocus!  You’ll see this monolith looming over the A1, greeting all who dare to enter.

    Adventure Island Mini Golf

    Are you ready for a tropical adventure? At Adventure Island Mini Golf, you are at the centre of all the action.

    Located in the heart of the Midlands, this is the first ever indoor adventure golf complex in the whole of the UK, making this a great choice if it’s a rainy day but the kids are eager to test their putting skills.

    Choose from two epic courses – the Hidden Cove and the Lost Hut trail –  where you can amble amongst striking rock towers, abandoned temples and ancient island villages. Take a cheeky trip to their Tiki Bar when it’s time for some quiet time under the palm trees.

    Haven Holidays

    You’ll find plenty of crazy golf courses in Haven holiday resorts all over the UK. Pop down south and put your putting skills to the test at our Devon Cliffs park, or venture farther north to our Marton Mere course, where you can lap up the glorious sea breeze on our cracking 18-holer.

    Take a look at these Haven resorts offering sensational adventure golf courses; visit our Blackpool parks, Devon parks, Haggerston Castle, Hafan y Mor, Hopton, Littlesea, Marton Mere, Perran Sands, Presthaven and Thorpe Park.

    Where will you choose to go on your next family holiday?

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