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    5 Best Gadgets for Dogs

    Keep your furry friends happy with some of the best gadgets currently available for your dog – from tasty treats to handy accessories we’ve got five great gizmos for you to try!

    RUFFNEK bandana

    This amazing product by Ruffnek is great for long haired dogs to stop their hair getting tangled while tucking into their food or out on a walk. Plus, it’s reflective bone and paw print designs mean your dog stays visible on the dark evenings!


    Poppy and Rufus Microfiber Towel

    Poppy and Rufus’ Microfiber Towel could be exactly what you need if your four legged friend loves splashing around in the mud, rolling in the sand or bounding through the water.

    All they’ll need is a quick rub down and you’ll not have to worry about the state of your floor or car! It also fits in a tiny carry bag which makes it ideal for travel.

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    Billy and Margot Iced Treats

    When your pooch is giving you its best puppy eyes while you’re enjoying an ice cream on the beach, there’s no need to worry thanks to Billy and Margot’s Iced Treats

    The ice cream-like treats contain no dairy, just fruits so they’re great for your pups! They come in three flavours: Strawberry and Apple, Apple, Banana and Carrot, and Honey and Banana.

    Active Hound Hurtta Cooling Vest

    Active Hound’s Hurtta Cooling Vest is just what your dog needs if they just can’t stop panting on a hot day or a long walk. All you need to do is run the vest under tap water, wring out and put it onto your dog and it will help cool them down.

    And with the summer coming to a close the Cooling Vest is currently on sale so you can make sure you’re all stocked up for an even better price!

    Long Paws Water Bottle

    If your dog needs a quick drink while enjoying some walkies then the Long Paws Water Bottle will be perfect for you!

    There’s no leaking or wasted water with this clever bottle which lets out water when the dog begins licking.

    Have you tried any of these handy gadgets? Are there any we’ve missed off of our list? Let us know in the comment section below!