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    5 Healthy Holiday Treats

    We know that everyone loves to treat themselves whilst on holiday, but it doesn’t need to be at the expense of your health!

    Healthy eating is becoming more and more publicised, but there is still a knowledge gap between the general public and these healthy messages. The average person in Britain eats 700g of sugar a week – and most people have no idea where the majority of it comes from!

    All Haven caravans are fully equipped for a self catering holiday, so holidaying doesn’t have to mean eating out every night! You can ensure that all the food your family is getting is nourishing, home cooked and tastes great.

    The carefree “I’m on holiday!” approach to food doesn’t have to be the case at Haven. Try our tasty holiday treat ideas – they taste great and are full of nutrition.

    For the grown ups

    •  Homemade fruit juice as an alternative to fizzy drinks

    A small 500ml bottle of pop contains an amazing seventeen sugar cubes! Drinking these even a couple of times a week can vastly increase dietary problems like obesity and diabetes. Would you sit and eat seventeen cubes straight from the jar? Why not try some homemade juice as a fruity sweet alternative?

    • Carrot sticks with dip

    Carrot sticks coupled with a few healthy dips like hummus or Greek yogurt dip can be a real tasty alternative to holiday favourites like nachos or wedges. Carrots are very nutritious and great for snacking on – they make a great substitute to breadsticks when it comes to party food. Pair it with celery, apple or broccoli for an extra healthy kick.

    • Frozen banana

    Perfect for cooling down on a hot day with a portion of fruit and a potassium kick. Pop a bunch of bananas into the fridge for a couple of hours and there you go! Delicious, and great for the beach on a hot summer’s day or for just sitting outside your caravan in the sunshine.

    • Breakfast Smoothie

    Having a full English breakfast fry up is a holiday staple for many of us Brits. This breakfast can actually add up to over 1,000 calories which is nearly half of the daily recommended allowance for women!! A healthy alternative that your body will thank you for is a breakfast smoothie. Throw your favourite fruits into a blender, add some yogurt or ice, and you are good to go. The perfectly healthy start to any day.

    Healthy and yummy! A blueberry and blackberry smoothie

    Healthy and yummy! A blueberry and blackberry breakfast smoothie

    • Swapping in wholegrain

    Just make it with wholegrain! Any family favourite recipe can be made healthier just by substituting white grain for wholegrain, and it comes in so many different forms. Bread, pasta, rice, crackers, muffins and popcorn are just a few of the many variations on offer. This miracle produce can decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease by up to a third, help when losing weight and also greatly increase the nutritional values of food.

    Choosing what to eat is the first step. Next is packing, so check out our top packing hacks

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    For the Kids

    Let’s be completely honest here, it is difficult to get the kids to eat their recommended five fruit and veggies a day. However, healthy treats like these can be a great way to trick them into eating a wholesome diet…

    • Cheese

    Cheese is great for kids because of the high level of protein that it contains, as well as essential calcium. Mould it into little shapes, or add to wholegrain crackers with a side of veg to really make a healthy snack.

    • Sweet potato fries or courgette chips

    Try to recreate these favourite snacks with a healthier base ingredient. Sweet potato is known in the health industry for its high fibre content, and courgette is a super food that we think isn’t used enough within the UK! Switch out the basic potato for one of these alternatives, and the meal will suddenly be a lot healthier.

    • Fruit pops

    Remember that fruit juice that you made earlier? Save a few cups and buy some ice lolly moulds. Freeze the stuff, and hand it out on a hot day to be the best parent on the holiday park! You can even make a variety of flavours and mix them in to create a tasty treat that will cool down the kids. Definitely one to stop them running for the ice cream van!

    Easy homemade ice lollies

    Easy homemade ice lollies

    • Frozen Yogurt

    Due to using milk as a base rather than cream, frozen yogurt is much better for us compared to ice cream alternatives. Frozen yoghurt is a great way to get some protein and calcium into the kid’s diets, and tastes great with some raspberries or strawberries on top.

    • Dried fruit

    Dried strawberries and cherries are a great replacement for chewy sweets like Haribo that will help kids get a portion of fruit into their diet. They will enjoy these because of the natural sugar content, and you can rest easy knowing that there are no nasty preservatives hiding away in there. To be really sure, you can dry your own! Don’t eat them all at once though – save some for tomorrow. Moderation is key when it comes to the right amount of sugar!

    On the Change4Life website there is other information about what your child needs to be eating, provided by leading health professionals.

    Eat smart, and don’t spend the rest of the year trying to work off the weight in time for your next visit! Have a lovely holiday – Haven style.