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5 of the best outdoor pools to take a dip in this summer

Summer is finally here and it’s hotting up. That means it’s time to find yourself some outdoor pools to have a splash around, a leisurely swim or even a spot of sunbathing.

Luckily for you, we’ve got just the answer…

Golden Sands

The pool at Golden Sands is perfect if you’re looking for some outdoor fun thanks to the fun slide, but if you’re looking for a more relaxing swim the pool’s big enough to go for a paddle anyway.

The Orchards

The Orchards’ outdoor pool is in a beautiful location which means if you don’t fancy getting in, you can still watch your kids have fun from the comfort of the outside decking at the Mash & Barrel.

Rockley Park

If you’re looking to have a dip, Rockley Park is perfect for you. You can enjoy a peaceful swim, or take the kids in and have a game of ball.

Riviere Sands

At Riviere Sands there’s a fun slide for the little ones, or you can just have a relaxing time in either of the two outdoor pools.

Marton Mere

And brand new for 2018, Marton Mere has opened a lazy river so you can let the water take you on a relaxing journey. Or you might just get sprayed by one of the water features on your way around!

And there’s plenty more!

  • Allhallows, Blue Dolphin, Berwick, Burnham-on-Sea, Church Farm, Combe Haven, Hopton, Kiln Park, Lakeland, Littlesea, Presthaven, Perran Sands, Primrose Valley, Quay West, Seaview, Wild Duck and Weymouth Bay all also have outdoor pools.
  • Blue Dolphin has an outdoor water slide
  • Combe Haven has an outdoor Space Bowl flume
  • Devon Cliffs has an outdoor multi lane slide
  • Golden Sands has outdoor water flumes
  • Marton Mere has an outdoor Space Bowl flume
  • Rockley Park has an outdoor tower flume
  • Thorpe Park has an outdoor Space Bowl flume and water flume
  • Presthaven, Reighton Sands, Thorpe Park, Weymouth Bay and Perran Sands also have outdoor lazy rivers
  • Berwick, Cala Gran, Greenacres, Kiln Park, Marton Mere, Quay West, Seashore and Thorpe Park have outdoor SplashZones for the little ones

Are you heading for a splash this year? Let us know where you’re visiting and what you’re looking forward to most in the comment section below!