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    5 signs that spring is on the way!

    Now that we are halfway through March, we can truly see that spring is on its way! Holiday season at Haven is well and truly getting started. Let’s see the top signs that spring is on its way, how many have you seen?


    Well first out of the blocks are of course, daffodils! Historically these flowers are the sign that spring is here. You may not know that there are actually thousands of varieties of daffodil which combine orange or peach and lime green blossoms.


    Next up are snowdrops, for many people this is the flower that signifies the start of spring! Snowdrops are the sign that warmer weather is on its way and weren’t actually recorded as being in Britain until the end of the 18th century.

    Spring chickens

    Of course one of the main signs of spring beyond all others is the array of cute and tiny animals appearing on farms across the UK!

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    Wait, what’s that I hear, oh of course the gentle buzz of a bumblebee! One of the classic signs that spring and the warmth of summer is heading our way is the bees.

    An extra hour is coming your way!

    Last but not least our days are getting longer, with the hours changing at the end of the month, you can enjoy even more of the beautiful scenery located all around our holiday parks!

    What is your favourite sign of spring? Have you seen any of the signs listed above? Have you returned to your holiday park this year yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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