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    5 tips for booking your first family camping holiday in 2015

    We get a mix of people camping at Haven, from the ‘tent-up-in-a-jiffy’ pros to the ‘lets-just-give-it-a-go’ first-timers.

    So, we have all sorts of pitches available to suit everyone.

    And we have a range of facilities, from the basics for those who want to do more ‘authentic’ old-school camping – to the more luxury things for those who want to take camping to the next level.

    Booking your camping holiday is always straightforward with us but if you’re doing it for the first time, then we’re hoping the following five tips from Lauren will help.

    Lauren’s one of our boffins at Perran Sands holiday park, and she definitely knows what’s best when it comes camping holidays in the UK…


    Pick the right pitch for your family’s needs

    Usually, families with little ones prefer grass pitches right next to the play areas, which means bonus playtime.

    But for couples or families with older relatives, the pitches away from these might be better if you’re looking for a more chilled out spot on the park.

    And those with teenagers, the electric pitches are a must so they can keep their mobile phone, tablets and any other gadgets charged up.


    Pack for the unpredictable British weather

    You might check the weather and see you’ve got a scorching week in summer, but always be prepared for rainy days just in case the weatherman’s got it wrong (again).

    So pack your rain macs and windbreakers, – and if you’re travelling to the coast, bear in mind it can be hotter in summer and more blustery in winter than inland. Sun-cream, wellies, thermal undies – pack ‘em all, better to be safe than sorry 🙂


    Check availability before arriving

    At some times of the year, you’ll be fine to just turn up and find a pitch somewhere on the park. But at the height of the summer holidays, Lauren says Perran Sands can have lots of people turning up without calling beforehand, only to find out that the park is full!

    So, her advice is that it’s best to give your park a ring before you leave and even if all the pitches are booked up, the teamcan tell you when the nextone will be free.


    Know the size of your tent (or tourer or motorhome)

    Generally, all pitches have plenty of room of 6 x 6 metres for tents, tourers, motorhomes,or trailers plus gazebos, awnings and pup tents where permitted on the park.

    There’s loads of space to go around – but we want everyone to be as comfy as possible, so it’s worth checking your measurements beforehand. That way, if you do need more room, the team can find a spot on the park for you in advance.


    Give the Haven team (like Lauren) a call

    If you have any other questions, about anything from what equipment to bring, what clothing or sleeping bags you’ll need, or anything at all – don’t worry about having silly questions, just call our park teams.


    They’re a friendly lot, and people like Lauren are definitely the best people to ask.
    If you’re planning in advance a trip for next year, then you might be eligible for our 50% off camping deals for 2015 – based in May, June, early July or autumn, for 3, 4 or 7 nights.


    Have some camping tips of your own? We’d love to hear them. Just share them in the comments section, or if you have any questions about camping give us a shout on Twitter @Haven– we’ll answer as many as we can!