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    5 top tips to stay safe in the sun

    The sun just can’t stop shining in the UK at the moment. And while that’s great for tanning there’s also plenty you need to know about how to enjoy the sun in a safe way!

    Pharmacist Noel Wicks gives us his top 5 tips:

    Carry sun cream

    Perhaps the most obvious is to slap on the sun cream. But to do that you have to have some with you! We often get caught out in the UK when the sun suddenly comes out to play – sitting in the park at lunch, going for a stroll or reading a good book, we don’t realise we are actually putting ourselves at risk of the sun’s harmful rays – even when it is behind a cloud! Decant some sun cream into a smaller bottle to pop in your bag, your desk drawer or in the car.

    Set a timer or a reminder

    It’s easy to remember to apply sun cream before you head out for a day in the sun but is also easy to forget to reapply through-out the day. Set a timer or a reminder on your phone to reapply – the British Association of Dermatologist recommends that sunscreen is reapplied liberally ever couple of hours . Remember to reapply immediately if you have been swimming, playing sports or towel drying.

    Hat trick

    The face and scalp burn easily so wear a wide brimmed hat if you are out and about or lazing in the sun. A wide-brimmed hat can reduce 50% of UV radiation to the eyes, face and neck. Remember to also wear sunglasses with a UV filter. Not only will you look fashionable wearing a hat, you will be doing yourself a big favour!

    Lunch in the shade

    The sun is at its highest and strongest point between 11am and 3pm, so take extra care between these times. Have your lunch in the shade and take advantage of a cool place to relax and enjoy your lunch away from bees, pollen and footballs being kicked your way.

    Sunburn is serious

    We all do our best to avoid sunburn, but it is inevitable that at some point people are going to experience a degree of sunburn, from a slightly red face to full on sore to touch or move sunburn. To take the sting out of mild to moderate sunburnt skin try Soleve sunburn relief. It’s the only licensed medicine of its kind to combine the painkilling power of ibuprofen with a soothing moisturiser to rehydrate the skin. If your sunburn is severe seek medical attention.

    Soleve Sunburn Relief is available in the sun care aisle from Boots, Sainsbury’s and independent pharmacists nationwide. So, if you are planning a trip abroad, consider packing it in your travel first aid kit just in case. Suitable for adults and children aged twelve and up. Contains Ibuprofen.
    Always read the label. RRP £9.95 for 100ml