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    5 ways to stay active at Haven

    Thinking about how to stay active on holiday whilst at Haven? There are over 100 activities on offer across our parks, so we’ve put together our top 5 tips to staying fit on your holiday whilst, most importantly, having lots of fun!

    1) Go on a coastal walk

    Far from the hazy city skies, our parks are nestled within wonderful natural surroundings, right along the Great British coastline. So grab some treasured time with each other, tie up your walking shoes,  put together a picnic and set yourselves on a voyage of discovery!

    2) Take a dip in the pool

    All of Haven’s 36 holiday parks offer fabulous indoor swimming pools, and some even have outdoor pools to splash in when the sun is shining. Whether you’ve mastered butterfly stroke or prefer to stick to doggy paddle, swimming is great exercise. Little ones can even say goodbye to armbands forever in Haven’s Learn2Swim sessions. What better memory to take home?

    3) Hire a bike

    You can see your favourite holiday park from a whole new perspective when you hire a bike to explore. Let the wind whip through your hair as you navigate our many acres. We have big bikes, little ones, bikes with stabilisers and all the ones in between. We even offer Learn2Bike sessions where our team of pre-school experts give your little ones the confidence and balance to set off on their first set of wheels.

    4) Learn a new skill

    The best way to stay active is by having lots of fun whilst you’re doing it! That’s why pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill is so rewarding at Haven. There is so much to choose from, such as archery, fencing, rollerblading or paddleboarding!

    5) Get your body moving with Les Mills BORN TO MOVE

    This new activity in partnership with Les Mills will get you singing and dancing through a series of simple moves that build body awareness and balance with a virtual instructor. Sessions are available for ages 4 through to 17. It’s fun, it’s original, it’s action-packed, it has great music! What more could you want?

    What’s your favourite way to stay active on holiday? Let us know in the comments below.