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    Directors of Walkies’ Guide To Devon

    The first stop for Haven’s Directors of Walkies was the stunning Devon Cliffs, near Exmouth in South-East Devon.

    The park was filled with dogs going for morning walks or joining their owners to enjoy the sunshine outside of the caravans.

    Staying in a Prestige Caravan was perfect for the spaniels; both very practical but cosy too. The nautical theme was awesome and it had everything that was needed for self catering holidays.

    Dog-friendly beaches in Devon

    The must do for any water-loving pooch is the beach. Exmouth is situated on the striking Jurassic coastline, parts of which are dog-friendly. Sandy Bay is a short walk down from the Haven Park, and although only dog friendly from October until May, it’s stunning for off peak visits.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Exmouth beach itself is just as lovely, and although some parts have similar restrictions you’ll find a large dog friendly section to one end.

    Shelly Beach is also close to Exmouth Town; a pebbled beach that allows dogs all year round and is a lot quieter (unless you count the excited barking dogs!) Close to the marina, it’s a lovely place for a spaniel to get soggy and to explore the town more.

    Things for dogs to do in Devon

    Canonteign Falls is a gorgeous Waterfall and garden close to Dartmoor National Park. Dogs are welcomed on leads and can enjoy a walk of an hour or so, enjoying the stunning falls and of course stopping for many photos.
    The Café at Canonteign Falls is also dog friendly, and the perfect stop for coffee and cake.

    The Falls are open 10am-4pm every day and cost £7.95 per adult

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    The Point Bar and Grill was a great place to stop to warm up after a doggy paddle on Shelly Beach. They welcome dogs, and even have treats at the bar too. With plenty of food and drink available, it’s a great place to enjoy an afternoon or evening with the dogs, who really got fussed over.

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    South Devon Railway is the perfect day out for humans and Hounds, taking a step back and onto a steam train. Taking you through stations that you’re welcome to stop at, or stay on the train for a round trip. Dogs are welcome to join on this great adventure, and if you’re lucky you may even get a seat in First Class.

    Adults are priced at £15 and dogs are £1

    Photo credit @spaniellife

    Sev and Lily are excited to share more Dog Friendly Guides over the next few months, can you guess where their next stop will be?

    Visit Steph and the Spaniels for more info on the pups adventures!