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    6 easy pumpkin ideas to try this Halloween

    If pumpkin carving isn’t your thing, we’ve found six ways to use a pumpkin and mix up your Halloween in 2018.

    1. Make a makeshift drinks cooler

    Chop off about a third of your pumpkin from the top, scoop out the seeds and pulp with a large knife – then fill it with your favourite drinks and plenty of ice.

    pumpkin ice cooler

    2. Pumpkin hanging lanterns

    This is a really fun alternative to just having your pumpkin sitting on the windowsill! You can show off your spooky carving skills to the whole street or maybe even light up the garden in perfect Halloween style.

    hanging lanterns

    3. Make the spookiest pumpkin soup

    As well as being fun Halloween decorations, pumpkins taste pretty awesome too.

    • Firstly, pop the oven on to 220 degrees or Gas Mark 7, and while it’s warming up, take out all of the pumpkin seeds
    • Chop up the pumpkin, 2 onions, and a large potato
    • Stick the pumpkin and onions on a roasting dish and sprinkle some oil over them. Cook for about 10 – 20 mins, until softened
    • Boil the potato in a pan of boiling water with a stock cube until soft
    • Take the veg out of the oven and toss it in a blender with the potato, water and stock. Once blended, add back to the pan with cream and season with salt & pepper.
    • Just give it a couple of mins and it’s done! Serve in a bowl with a swirl of cream and some crusty bread (toil and trouble is optional).

    And if you want to try a different pumpkin soup with some parmesan, check out our easy Halloween recipes (this one’s served inside the pumpkin itself).


    Thinking about a last minute Halloween break?

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    4. Blend your own pumpkin smoothie

    Again, get them seeds out.

    Then chop up the pumpkin and add all the bits to a blender, with a banana, milk, add some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice. And you might want to add a spoonful of honey or vanilla extract too.


    5. Pumpkin seed art

    It’s a great idea for using the seeds up – and if there’s one thing kids love, it’s showing off something they’ve made themselves. Pop the seeds in a resealable bag with some acrylic paint and BOO you have the perfect decorating seeds.

    seed art

    6. Roast some pumpkin wedges for supper

    Roasted veg is a perfect winter warmer – and seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and maybe even a little chilli powder, you’ll see pumpkins in a totally different way after eating this yummy dish. It’s extra tasty with a couple of sausages and onions too.

    What are you planning on doing with your pumpkin this year? Let us know in the comment section below!