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7 Most Amazing Sand Sculptures

These aren’t just your average sandcastle’s, here are some of the most amazing and stunning pieces of sand art in the world! Sit back and be amazed at what can be done with a a bit of hard work, a bucket and a spade…

1. European Landmark Sculpture



Okay, so these landmarks are being attacked by an octopus, but that just makes it more creative!

2. Dragon Sculpture



This dragon just had to make it on to the list simply for its detail, this artist’s talent really is mythical!

3. Sesame Street Sculpture 

sesame street


Elmo would be proud! This Sesame street replica stuns with the whole gang looking fantastically flawless.

4. Illuminated Sandcastle 



The lights are on but nobody is home… these candles and twisted turrets make this castle look unbelievable, especially when it gets a little darker!

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5. Yoda Sculpture


Perfect down to the last wrinkle, if this looked any more like Yoda then it would be him!

6. Ultimate Sandcastle

big sand castle


When it comes to sandcastles bigger is ALWAYS better, this castle is nearly big enough for someone to live in.

Finally, saving the best until last…

7. Vienna Town Hall 



Found in Barcelona, it was placed there to promote tourists to visit Austria. Amazing.

What amazing sandcastle creations have you made? Let us know in the comment section below!  

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