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    The best breweries in the UK to treat your tastebuds

    There’s no denying us Brits love a good drink, so luckily for you we’ve found some of the best breweries around the country where you can try the local taste!

    Purple Moose Brewery

    near Greenacres Holiday Park

    Purple Moose Brewery is an award winning brewery based in Porthmadog, Wales. It creates its very own ales which include the delightful Snowdonia Ale, Madog’s Ale, Elderflower Ale, Glaslyn Ale and Dark Side of the Moose.

    To keep things extra local they use the Welsh mountain water when they’re brewing!

    Unsworth’s Yard

    near Lakeland Leisure Park

    Based in the beautiful Cartmel Village in the Cumbria, Unsworth’s Yard brewery is a family-owned business where you can enjoy the beer making process or head to the tasting room and let the flavours flow!

    St Austell

    near Perran Sands Holiday Park

    Making some of Cornwall’s best known ales, St Austell has been in business for over a century so make sure you head down and try some of this Cornish delight! Plus, they offer an ‘interactive’ brewing experience.

    Shepherd Neame Brewery

    near Allhallows Leisure Park

    Shepherd Neame, in Faversham, is Britain’s oldest brewer so it’s worth a visit just for the history alone! Using natural ingredients, such as mineral water from the town’s aquifer and local hops, the Kentish ales are full of character!

    Have you visited any of these breweries? Have we missed any off our list? Let us know in the comment section below!