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    7 favourite foods on your Christmas plate

    The Christmas dinner is a crucial party of the whole festive experience! We all know what we would love to have piled high on our plates and also know what should never come near it. Let’s work our way through some of the best additions to the Christmas dinner plate.

    1. Pigs in Blankets

    An absolute classic addition to the Christmas plate is a ‘pig in blanket’, a delightful small sausage wrapped in bacon. What more could you ask for on Christmas day!

    pigs in blankets

    2. Brussel sprouts

    Now here is an addition that always causes some controversy at the table, whether you love them or leave them they are definitely a Christmas staple. What you may not know about the humble sprout is that the area covered by Brussels sprout fields in the UK is the equivalent of 3,240 football pitches!

    brussel sprouts

    3. Sage & Onion Stuffing

    Now here is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas turkey, a delightful bit of sage and onion stuffing!



    4. Yorkshire Pudding

    Do you have them? Don’t you have them? The humble Yorkshire pudding is a delicious addition to your plate especially at Christmas. I remember when as a kid we used to stay at a farm in Yorkshire over Christmas and they would start off Christmas lunch with 4 giant Yorkshire puddings and onion gravy!

    Yorkshire pud

    5. Great Gravy

    It takes a really great gravy to bring together Christmas dinner so it’s a very important part of your plate!


    6. Roast Potatoes

    The roast potato has always been a crucial part of the Christmas dinner, especially when it is cooked to perfection!

    roast potatoes

    7. Turkey

    I mean it wouldn’t be Christmas without the classic Turkey, or are you having something different this year?


    What’s always on your Christmas dinner plate? Let us know in the comments section below!
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