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7 brand new Haven products for 2015

As much as we love Christmas, we can’t wait to get the 2015 season started and we have a sneak peak of some of the amazing products that will be available in 2015!

Plus it’s another chance to win with our advent calendar! 

1. Rory boogie board – £9.99




2.Character arm bands – £3.99


3.Limited edition B-fit Bradley – £14.99

b-fit bradley

4.Limited edition swimming Anxious -£7.99

swimming anxious


5.Limited edition cupcake academy Anxious – £14.99

 cupcake anxious


6. Seaside Squad sunglasses – £4.99



7. Kids FunStar t-shirts – £6.99





What do you think of our new products? Has it got you excited for the new season?Let us know in the comments below!

Plus today you can win a bundle of Haven treats!
Pop on over to our Facebook page to enter – good luck!

  • Yanni

    I can see myself buying those for the God Kids next year! haha! They’ll love them 🙂 x

    • Hey Yanni 🙂

      I’m sure they will (but make sure to get some for yourself as well 😉 !)

      • Yanni

        haha yeah, I can see me rocking those sunglasses and armbands for sure! ;)….for the kids obviously….*shiftyeyes*

  • H is going to absolutely love the fun stars go live Tshirts as he is constantly performing shows for us even 5 months after our last visit to Haven.

    Love the Bradley Bear teddy too and will make a great addition to his Rory and Anxious he picked up this year.

    Will be entering the comp in a few moments….

    • Hello 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting! You’ll have to show us a video of you’re little one dancing – who know he could be a FunStar one day!

      Fingers crossed for you!

      • Haha no problems. Have a look here if you like

        I’m sure he’d love to be one when he’s older, for now though he has plenty of years left to practice… and visits to Haven of course.


        p.s. Will there be a new DJ Ned teddy too (Daddy’s favourite character)

        • Yanni

          Haha!!! Wow look at him go!!! What a little superstar in the making!

          I bet it just loves it on the dancefloor! 🙂 x

        • Morning Jim!

          Thanks so much for sending the video – it really made us smile!
          We don’t have any new Ned teddy’s but we do have new designs of some pocket money products with Ned on 🙂

          Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • david

    Another anxious for the collection

    • Is she quite a popular one in your household David?

      Have a Merry Christmas!

  • mark

    hi where can I get the funstars t shirts from im an owner on blue dolphin and no one knows if they getting them

    • Hey Mark 🙂

      FunStar t-shirts should be on park in May – not long now!