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    7 brand new Haven products for 2015

    As much as we love Christmas, we can’t wait to get the 2015 season started and we have a sneak peak of some of the amazing products that will be available in 2015!

    Plus it’s another chance to win with our advent calendar! 

    1. Rory boogie board – £9.99




    2.Character arm bands – £3.99


    3.Limited edition B-fit Bradley – £14.99

    b-fit bradley

    4.Limited edition swimming Anxious -£7.99

    swimming anxious


    5.Limited edition cupcake academy Anxious – £14.99

     cupcake anxious


    6. Seaside Squad sunglasses – £4.99



    7. Kids FunStar t-shirts – £6.99





    What do you think of our new products? Has it got you excited for the new season?Let us know in the comments below!

    Plus today you can win a bundle of Haven treats!
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