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70 years of Perran Sands – Then vs Now

We’re marking the 70th birthday of our Cornish beauty Perran Sands so we decided to take a look back and see how the park has changed over the years…

Coast Bar

Funky Fish

Swimming Pool



Beach Houses

Do you have any old photos of Perran Sands? Share them with us on Twitter using #PerranSands70 and let us know your memories in the comment section below.

  • paul collinson

    My parents took me there there about 1960 when I was 10 yrs old. It was called Perran Sands then.The swimming pool was outside, unheated & unused with a resident water vole.
    The dancehall was a single story white concrete building and the door keeper was called George, & he lived in one of the block of 3 or 4 houses on the entrance road, to the left, just after you turned off the main road.
    The site entertainer, took us on, what seemed an endless hike, across the dunes to the remains of some old church. Which, if I recall, didn’t impress very much.
    The accommodation was a very old touring van, sited amongst the dunes with no electric only gas. It took us 2 days to get there, travelling from Essex in an old 1953 Ford Prefect & we stopped overnight at Honiton, sleeping in the car. Just outside the entrance was a farm which sold home made Clotted Cream. Never been back, & never want to.

  • Joe King

    I first stayed at Perran Sands in the hot summer of 1976 – (it was Ladbrokes Holiday Camp then) I stayed in a wooden cabin near the cliff edge, unfortunately all my photos have been destroyed. There were grass fires all over the place, but we had a great time.
    We return nearly every August Bank Holiday weekend – its become a family tradition that has passed onto my kids and now my grandchildren 🙂