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    8 of the best waterfalls to visit in the UK

    Waterfalls add a touch of beauty to any landscape and the UK has a majestic selection of these natural wonders.

    We’ve found some of the best waterfalls which are an hour or less away from our parks so you can pay a visit if you’re heading out for the day!

    Linhope Spout

    1 hour from Berwick and Haggerston Castle

    Linhope Spout can be found in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. The stunning 60 foot drop waterfall is set in a beautiful countryside alongside the River Breamish.  You may also be able to spot some red squirrels in the area!

    St Nectans Glen

    1 hour from Perran Sands

    There are three waterfalls at St Nectans Glen – the one pictured is the most famous as an incredible 60 foot waterfall flows through a hole in the rock formation. You will find another waterfall following on from the shallow pool of the first and a third which is described as a ‘hidden gem’ is 80 foot in length.

    Aira Force Falls

    1 hour from Lakeland

    Set in a Victorian park the main Aira Force waterfall has a 70 foot drop from below a stone footbridge. And being based in the Lake District you’re guaranteed some stunning scenery!

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    Ingleton Waterfalls

    50 minutes from Lakeland

    The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail has a series of beautiful waterfalls, beginning with a series of five Pecca Falls which drop 98 feet over sandstone and slate. Further on you can stop for a picnic at the famous Thornton Force where the rivers flows off a limestone cliff which was created 330 million years ago in a sub-tropical sea!

    Janet’s Foss

    Closeby to Malham Cove, Janets’ Foss is a popular waterfall for families to visit as it carries the Gordale Beck over a limestone rock formation into a deep pool! Its name comes from a fairy tale about a supposed fairy queen named ‘Jennet’!

    Devil’s Bridge

    50 minutes from Quay West

    Devil’s Bridge Falls once had a poem written about it by William Wordsworth and it’s not hard to see why. The name comes from the fact there are three bridges built on top of each other and a legend about the devil visiting Wales! In total the falls fall 300 feet down the gorge.

    Conwy Falls

    45 minutes from Greenacres & 55 minutes from Hafan y Mor

    Running through the deep gorge of the Fairy Glenn, the magnificent Conwy Falls is based in a designated ancient native woodland. You can walk through more than 9 acres of the spectacular forest and even enjoy a stop off at the falls’ cafe.

    Swallow Falls

    50 minutes from Greenacres & 1 hour from Hafan y Mor

    Swallow Falls is set amongst a background of beech, conifer and birch trees in the gorgeous Gwydir Forest and is a designated a site of special scientific interest. Falling on the River Llugwy this is actually the highest continuous waterfall in Wales!

    Are you planning on visiting any of these stunning waterfalls in 2019? Have we missed any that we should definitely visit? Let us know in the comment section below!