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    9 reasons to love autumn

    So, summer is coming to end – and this year  it’s been a pretty good one – but there are still some great things to look forward to in autumn, and we think it’s the best season of them all!

    1. Conker the world

    Yes that’s right, it’s time for the return of conkers, I mean who doesn’t love that game? Available for picking from your local horse-chestnut trees, conkers is a great traditional family fun game. All you need is a piece of string, a conker and a competitive attitude and you can play for hours.

    2. Refreshing morning walks

    It’s the perfect morning season, you’re not waking up too hot or too cold so you’ll feel great if you decide to go for a refreshing morning walk. It couldn’t be any better, especially with the fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet.

    3. Apple Day!

    You may not know about the Apple Day celebrations which happen in the UK every October, but this autumn you should definitely check out if there are any close to you. And you’ll definitely love them because there are always plenty of FREE food and drink tasters on offer – yep, that’s FREE!

    4. An extra hour in bed

    “Do the clocks go back or forward?” – everybody will be having that conversation at some point in the next two months! And luckily for us, they go back which means we all get to sleep for longer, yay!

    5. Halloween is here!

    Ok, some of you might hate having children knocking on your door asking for sweets, but surely you enjoy the fun of carving yourself a pumpkin lantern? If you make it scary enough if might even keep the kids away!

    6. See the colourful Bonfire Night sky

    Remember remember the 5th of November…yes, everybody knows that little rhyme and knows it’s the day when we get to see some stunning firework displays in the skies. It brings everybody from your local town or village together and means you can teach the kids a little bit of history while they have fun at the same time!

    7. It’s time to get your comfy jumpers out again 

    You’ve enjoyed your three days of UK sun for one year and now you can look forward to putting on your wooly jumpers and keeping warm. Autumn must be the most fashionable month!

    8. Saturday nights watching TV

    Yes, that’s right, you can just chill on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch anything from Simon Cowell tearing people’s dreams apart on the X Factor to another repeat of Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban you’re bound to watch for the 1,000th time. It’ll be really good.

    9. Amazing Autumn colours

    And finally…autumn has to be the best colour for the amazing British countryside, what can beat the golden leaves falling from the trees and dazzling views?

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