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    9 things to make your grandkid’s bedroom feel like home

    When you’ve got the little ones coming to stay, their presence will no doubt be felt the moment they walk through the door. Whether it’s their voices filling your caravan with tales of the playground, or a sudden influx of brightly colouredshoes sitting outside the front door, you know they’ve arrived and they’re ready to make themselves comfortable.

    So, if you’re looking to make your caravan a true home away from home for them when they visit you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked 9 items that’ll quickly transform their space into somewhere they can truly call their own.

    Thorine Bulldog Cushion – IKEA, £9

    Funk up your grandkid’s bedroom with this bulldog cushion, perfect if you’ve got a little one who’s pup-mad or one who might be missing their hound while they’re visiting you. Buy it here!

    cushion dog


    Olaf Cuddle Robe – Asda, £10

    Everyone’s favourite snowman is here to keep your grandkids warm (an oxymoron, we know!) This fluffy, soft Olaf cuddle robe is great post-swim or for wrapping up after a shower. Buy it here!




    Baby Squirrel Night Light – Not On The High Street, £7

    If your grandkids still like to sleep with a light on to keep the ghouls at bay, this LED-powered squirrel lamp will certainly do the job. Buy it here!

    squirrel night light


    Foldaway Picnic Chair – Homebase, £4.99

    There’s nothing quite like dining al fresco, especially when you’re near the seaside. Now your grandkids can join in the fun with these practical foldaway picnic chairs that are perfect for the deck. Buy it here.




    Fuffla Chalkboard Cushion – IKEA, £6

    Cushions are an easy way to instantly liven up a room’s personality, and this find from IKEA is perfect if your grandkid is a bit of a number cruncher. Buy it here!



    LEGO Storage Brick – Argos, £19.99

    This 6 litre-capacity box is perfect for storing small bits and bobs, whether it’s little toys or your grandkids bathroom pieces. Small enough to slot away when they’re not there, but bright enough that they’ll be able to find it when they need it. Buy it here!


    Planet and Spaceship String Lights – Tesco, £4

    These LED lights are easy to hang and to put away, meaning you can whip them out the moment you hear your grandkids are coming to stay. Battery powered, they offer an extra glow to your little one’s room at bedtime. Buy it here!

    space lights


    Nautical Rug – Dunelm, £12.99

    For the seaside lovers among us, this 100% cotton rug is perfect for injecting a bit of colour into an otherwise neutral space. Whether you pop it on the floor between their beds or lay it by the front door to keep the mud at bay, it’s a wise investment as it’s completely machine washable. Buy it here!

    nautical mat


    Frog Toothbrush Holder – Amazon, £2.22

    Encourage your grandkids to keep it tidy while they’re staying at your caravan by sticking this cheeky frog toothbrush holder to the walls of your bathroom. With enough room for two toothbrushes and some toothpaste, they’ll have no excuse not to clean their gnashers before bed! Buy it here!

    toothbrush stand. JPG

    Which of these items do you like the most? Do you have any that you think should be on our list? Let us know in the comments section below!