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    A Day In The Life: Owners Events Co-ordinator

    My name is Craig Henderson and I am the Owners Events Co-ordinator at Blue Dolphin Holiday Park. I am responsible for the planning and running of events for private holiday home owners on our park. We have a jammed pack 9 months of different events and activities for our owners to enjoy and participate in.

    craig henderson

    That’s me on the right!

    Recently we have had our summer ball which was a “Masquerade Ball”, this event took a lot of planning and organising with the help of different companies to make it come together. Firstly, back in November 2014, I had to plan the right date for this event and also decide on a theme. I tried something completely different with the masquerade idea as it had not been done in the past, so with the date and theme sorted the hard work started.

    On the 10th January it was time to start looking at different room designs and colours and decide what suited us best, as being called Blue Dolphin I decided on a blue and white theme.

    The next step was to get in touch with a few different companies and organise for them to come and look at the venue to discuss our options. After a long think and discussion with a marquee company I decided to go ahead with the idea of making our venue look like a marquee with wall and ceiling coverings also hiring chair and tables covers to match, now I had a vision of what I wanted it to look like.

    The room decor was sorted the next step is to decide what entertainment we would like and what the owners would like to, so I asked all the owners for their feedback and ideas, surprisingly the majority had said a take that tribute or a queen tribute, my idea was to make this event a bit like a theatre show.

    party scene

    After a lot enquiries and chats with bands and acts I decided on not 1 or 2 but 4 amazing acts. First on the bill was a singer called Scott Wilkes to open the night as guests arrived as he is a fantastic swing and jazz singer. Secondly, we had Take That Live, a fantastic tribute to the guys themselves. Following them, we had T.V personality star Darren Day as our star guest, he was incredible. And then the night was finished off by the fantastic Classic Kylie.

    The night was a huge success and the owners loved every minute, taking them away from the strains and stresses of day to day life.

    I also have a young owners son called Ryan who we have recently made my junior O.E.C, he is there every day of an event to help me set up, meet acts and make sure everyone is having the best time ever, he looks forward to getting here every weekend to get involved and is always talking about it at school and back at home, here at Blue Dolphin we treat everyone as family and have a great community spirit.

    We have a Big weekend party every month which all owners get involved and dress up to the theme of the event.

    The food is a major factor at our owner events as we like to try something different every month, again asking the owners what they would like to see. I liaise with the head chef every week to discuss possible options to cater for all of our guests needs.

    I love my job and love delivering all the amazing events and privileges  you can receive when you own a holiday home with haven holidays.

    Are you an owner at Blue Dolphin? What do you love most about ownership? Let us know in the comments section below!