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    Hello, we're Haven and

    We love a holiday by the seaside

    It all started with one caravan, over 50 years ago.

    Now Bourne Leisure are the largest privately owned holiday operator in the UK, owning Haven, Warner Leisure Hotels and Butlins Resorts.

    Haven owns and operates a choice of 36 award-winning family holiday parks throughout England, Scotland and Wales, close to some of Britain’s most beautiful beaches and brightest resorts, meaning you are always spoilt for choice when you chose Haven. Haven offers a full programme of activities, kid’s clubs and entertainment at no extra cost.
    We have affordable, comfortable accommodation, as well as lots of sports and leisure activities – perfect for every type of family!
    We also have park rangers at our parks – getting the kids back to nature!

    As you can see, with so much going on it’s hard to narrow down the one best thing about Haven, so our blog is here to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in and around our wonderful parks. Packed full of updates from our popular Funstars and entertainment team, silly stories about the Seaside Squad, useful hints and tips on having the best breaks in the UK and much, much more!

    We also love to hear all about you and your haven days so why not keep us in the loop by commenting on blog posts, tweeting us @haven using the #myhavendays or Like us on Facebook . Go on – let us join in the fun!

    Also some people love Haven so much they own with us! We have 23,000 families who choose to have a holiday home at our Haven parks -read about their stories here.

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    We’ve got 36 holiday parks dotted around the Great British coastline. From rugged shores of Scotland and Northumberland to the surf-tinged glory of Devon and Cornwall most of our parks are only a 2 or 3 hour drive from your front door and are here waiting to help your entire family escape from everyday life.

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