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    7 Accommodation Alternatives To A Hotel Room

    A well-deserved holiday usually means one thing where accommodation is concerned: a hotel room. It may be convenient and a go-to option for many families, but why settle for the standard option when you could try something completely different?

    Alternative types of accommodation are available right across the UK, and are ideal for those seeking adventure. Are you ready to discover more as a family? Take a look at these seven quirky hotel alternatives.

    Safari Tent


    These large, safari-themed tents will give you a sense of being out in the middle of the Serengeti with all the wild animals. They’ve got loads of space inside for the whole family offering a comfortable and luxurious glamping experience. They also have a wooden verandah outside where you can sit and relax and children can play in the shade. Safari Tents are already established at some of Haven’s holiday parks. 



    Yurts are inspired by the traditional homes of central Asian nomads. They might look compact, but step inside to discover a spacious dwelling with lofty ceilings and all the home comforts you could need.

    Far from oversized tents, yurts are cosy retreats made from hi-tech materials designed to keep out the cold. Many even come complete with wood-burning fires, televisions and homely décor (think sumptuous throw blankets and heavenly bedding). Yurt Holidays are exclusive to Haven’s Holiday park Perran Sands in Cornwall, and are the perfect place to relax after a day spent in the great outdoors.

    Beach House


    Beach houses are the perfect way to spoil your family with stunning sea views, stylish interior, a large open plan living space providing plenty of room and a private hot tub! This type of accommodation really does provide the ‘wow’ factor as it includes an outdoor covered veranda with BBQ, adjoining private sun lounging deck and a private garden complete with an outdoor swinging seat and hammock.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if you struggled to leave your accommodation when staying in one of Haven’s beach houses at Perran Sands in Cornwall!



    Caravans never fail to lose their popularity, and its little surprise! They’re the perfect family abode, boasting plenty of space, modern décor and every home comfort you could need. What could be better than spending quality time together, both outside the caravan and within: whipping up hearty food in the kitchen before settling down on the sofa to watch a film?

    One of the best things about caravans, however, is how close they bring you to the great outdoors. After all, it isn’t every day you’d get wildlife pottering about right outside a hotel window!

    Geo dome


    Cool, contemporary and a whole lot of fun, Geo Domes are a really special structure. Made from interconnecting pods of insulating canvas, Geo Domes offer plenty of space for the whole family, without making you feel disconnected.

    Located in some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, they’re also a great option for outdoorsy families and those looking to escape the urban jungle. Designed to blend into the scenery and offering beautiful panoramas of their surroundings, Geo Domes are a one of a kind accommodation.

    If you fancy staying in one of these amazing holiday homes click here to find out more!

    Click here

    Camping pod


    If you’re a smaller group looking for a ‘back to basics’ adventure, camping pods could be the accommodation for you. These little cabins are the perfect example of good things coming in small packages, offering all the essentials against a backdrop of stunning countryside. Step inside to discover cosy beds and a tranquil atmosphere, as well as compact kitchen and lounge areas. What more could you need?

    You’ll be surprised by just how much these quaint wooden cabins can fit inside!



    Ever wondered what it would be like to have a bird’s eye view of the forest? Well, now you can find out! Treehouses are just the ticket if you want to branch out from your usual hotel accommodation.

    Far from the rickety structures you’re used to tip-toeing around as children, modern treehouse accommodation is sturdy, striking and incredibly memorable. Equipped with everything you could need for a family adventure, you’ll never want for a hotel room again. And with a woodland soundtrack to send you to sleep, you’ll wonder why you ever did.

    Have you ever had the holiday of a lifetime in one of these alternatives to a hotel? We’d love to hear about your adventures, leave us a comment below and tell us all about it!

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