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    Allhallows’ Summer Ball!

    When you own at Haven you get the chance to join your park for their Summer Ball! Each park is different and many of them choose to have a theme. It’s perfect opportunity to meet up with other Owners and just have a great time!

    We asked Matt, who is Owners Experience Co-ordinator at our Allhallows park in kent, rang us up and couldn’t wait to let everyone know what he was doing for his Summer Ball!

    What is different about this Summer Ball to other ones that Allhallows have held?

    For so many years at Allhallows we have always had our party in a marquee and gave our Owners a great night filled with top entertainment and a three course meal. This has always been a success and over the years created many memories that our owners still share today.

    However, one of the things I have always wanted to do enhance the owner experience and our community is take it off park and try something different.

    The Allhallows team do scrub up nicely don't they!

    The Allhallows team do scrub up nicely don’t they!

    So what was your idea?

    A boat! It’s finally came to me and I thought it was a perfect idea.

    Where abouts did your Party Boat go?

    At Allhallows we have some lovely locations and views,  particularly The Thames estuary and looking across at southend. I have always wanted to find that perfect boat that would be able to host this event. Two years later we finally found one. After many hours of searching the internet and getting in touch with companies and exploring London we found that boat.

    The owners at Allhallows looking lovely.

    The owners at Allhallows looking lovely.

    And what was the perfect boat?

    We managed to find the Dixie Queen one of Londons largest entertainment venues on the river Thames. This was so exciting as the organiser and back in March the plans started. So much to think about ,how many people, what food and what London attractions we would like to go past. Ever since we made the decision in March I have been really excited and been looking forward to this event so much.

    There was lots to do while cruising down The Thames.

    There was lots to do while cruising down The Thames.

    Any final preparations?

    When the Summer ball was only weeks away it was time for the final preparations i.e sourcing our uniforms for our team to wear. I wanted us to look like a cruise team and with the support from P&O ferrie suppliers they donated us some crew uniforms we could wear. This was so good of them to do this.

    Some of the sights that could be seen!

    Some of the sights that could be seen!

    How did the owners at Allhallows like the idea?

    Our owners had a massive response to this the minute we put the first poster up and Facebook post advertising the tickets going on sale. As a team we were nervous what they would think as its doing something they haven’t done before. It was a risk we took and it turns out to be the best decision this season.

    So it wasn’t long before I board all 400 passengers onto the boat for a night to remember and create many memories for 2014…bring on 2015!