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    Archery at Haven!

    Get involved in them Bull’s eye days at Haven! Here’s our top tips from our Leisure team who are all Archery GB qualified.

    How to… Archery for beginners!

    Here’s Phil from our Leisure team giving us some top tips in Archery!


    An interview with Peter Dickson from GB Archery

    Family Archery is by far the most popular coached activity at our parks. You will learn from the best as all Haven Instructors are Archery GB qualified, they are the same people who train and coach the GB Olympic Archery Team!
    We asked Peter Dickson who works for GB Archery , all out our partnership with them.

    How long have we had a partnership with us?
    2 ½ years

     Why do you feel its beneficial?
    Both partners in the relationship are working together to ensure that participants are experiencing the best possible archery experience, through ensuring that staff are trained to a consistent level and we are continuing to work together to create schemes and sessions to further enhance the archery offer at your sites and the experience your guests have.

    Why is it important to encourage people to take part in this sport?
    Archery as a sport is one of the few sports that a family can take part in together, and is equally accessible for disabled groups. The sport is also ideal for all age groups, our oldest member is over 90.




    Have you seen an up lift in interest in the sport since Commonwealth and Olympics have taken place here in UK?
    Our membership has risen from 30,000 5 years ago to over 45000 last year. This rise has a number of factors, although clearly having the Archery competition during the Olympic games held at the iconic Lords cricket ground will have helped!

    How long has archery been a competitive sport?
    Archery has been a competitive sport probably from the first time two people shot arrows at the same target, as a national governing body we are over 150 years old, Archery first appeared in the 1900 Olympic games, but was dropped until it reappeared in 1972.

     Who are your favourite archers including fictional/historical (eg Robin Hood/William Tell )
    Robin Hood clearly has to be up there! Merida from Brave is popular as well as Katniss from the Hunger Games.

    What influence do you think (if any) they have on making the sport popular?)
    The Hunger Games have defiantly brought a whole new audience to Archery, as did the Russell Crow Robin Hood film.

    Archery takes place on all 35 Haven parks and is just one of 81 sports and leisure activities available.  A 45 minute session costs £8 per person by the end of which you will know your nock from your quiver!
    One person who know this is Hannah Rowley. She is now training with at the Archery GB Southern Performance Academy after being introduced to Archery at Littlesea. Read all about how she is chasing the Olympic dream.

    Are you the next Robin Hood or Katniss?
    Or is there another sport you’d like to try out?
    Let us know in the comments below!